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Two Aviation Executives Launch Grassroots No Plane No Gain Effort

October 12, 2011

Two Aviation Executives Launch Grassroots No Plane No Gain Effort

By adapting advocacy materials developed under the No Plane No Gain program, two industry executives are planning to create an easy-to-use multimedia presentation that people can use to launch their own grassroots efforts to educate policy leaders and business decision-makers about the value of business aviation.

Brenda Libby, vice president of sales & marketing for Montreal-based FBO Starlink Aviation (Signature Montreal), and René Banglesdorf, CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, an aircraft sales and acquisition company based in Austin, TX, believe that having individuals, as well as industry groups, proclaim the value of business aviation is important.

“Even a simple investment of 20 minutes by individuals in our industry can make a huge difference,” Libby said. “We saw a significant increase in charter activity in Montreal when I took the time to present the benefits to the local business community and dispel the myths often presented in the media. Business leaders and decision-makers understand the vision quickly.”

“The information [NBAA President and CEO] Ed Bolen and other industry leaders use in their presentations is compelling, and they are doing a great job defending business aviation on Capitol Hill,” Banglesdorf said. “If each of us can take that same data and reach the decision-makers in our communities, we can give our industry a huge shot in the arm. If it means saving airports, saving jobs and bettering small communities in North America, why wouldn’t we do it?”

During the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention, Libby and Banglesdorf are gathering contact information for people interested in participating in No Plane No Gain at the grassroots level. They then plan to invite these interested volunteers to a webinar in early November, at which time they will unveil their final multimedia presentation and offer suggestions for implementing a local No Plane No Gain program.

Interested parties can drop their business cards at the Signature Flight Support Booth #N3900, NBAA Headquarters Booth #N2574 or Charlie Bravo Aviation location at the Static Display of Aircraft at Henderson Executive Airport (HDN). Alternatively, people can e-mail their contact information to

“The No Plane No Gain materials were developed for the good of the industry,” said Dan Hubbard, NBAA’s senior vice president of communications. “We fully support what this effort stands for and look forward to seeing some great results.”

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