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New NBAA Board Chairman Will Bring Owner-Operator's Perspective to Role

Richard Shine Operates MU-2 On Company Business

October 12, 2011

As CEO and chief pilot for Manitoba Corporation, newly elevated NBAA Board Chairman Richard Shine flies his own Mitsubishi MU-2 turboprop twin on company business. In a brief discussion Monday from the Static Display of Aircraft at NBAA2011, Shine said he hopes to bring an owner-operator’s perspective to his position, though when it comes to promoting the goals and benefits of business aviation for all users, Shine adds his message will remain steadfast.

"I come from a different background than other Board chairmen that we've had over the years, but my goals and my aspirations for myself and for my company are no different than the people with this [Gulfstream] behind me," Shine explained. "We all want to be able to fly our airplanes where we want, when we want, with good safety, and have access to airports and airspace."

Among the challenges facing Shine and the Board for the upcoming year is the organization and promotion of the upcoming Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE), scheduled to take place next March in Shanghai. Shine said a successful ABACE is one of NBAA's top priorities, as “we think it's going to be a very important show for us come the future.”

Shine's appointment as Board chair comes amidst a tumultuous period for business aviation, both economically and politically. Despite the current uncertainty, however, he sees some positive signs that an upswing may be around the corner.

"I'm hopeful that we are at the beginning of the recovery, and if that's true, our aviation partners and associates are going to see better times in the next year or two to come," Shine said. "We believe that we're making great progress on the legislative front, and it's our hope that our efforts are going to pay dividends over the next couple years."

Shine also feels that NBAA has done well in defending business aviation from legislative challenges. That will continue, he added, as Members make their voices heard in promoting the industry’s policy agenda.

"I think NBAA has just done a fantastic job of getting our community fired up, because business aviation is a livelihood for 1.2 million people in this country,” Shine noted. “We believe that we're a good industry, with good paying jobs, and we are good for the economy. We are good for America, and we are certainly good for ourselves. We believe we have a very bright future."

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