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NBAA2011 Mobile App Getting Rave Reviews

October 9, 2011

NBAA2011 AppFor the first time, Attendees at NBAA’s Convention can use their smartphones to navigate the exhibit floor, plan out their schedule throughout the show and keep up with the latest NBAA2011 news. It’s now possible with the official NBAA2011 app for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and all web-enabled smartphones, and it’s already fueling excitement among aviation and tech bloggers.

“The NBAA2011 mobile app for [the] trade show is nothing short of brilliant,” wrote aerospace blogger Ludo Van Vooren. “[It] sets the bar very high for all future large aerospace events.”

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Van Vooren wrote that the best features of the app are that it makes it easy to browse Exhibitors alphabetically or by product category, then jump to their booth on a zoom-able map; it comes with a personal calendar for the days of the show; and it lets users take notes on their meetings at exhibit booths, then e-mail the notes to themselves.

“People who are good at going to trade shows have developed all these processes like printing out the schedule in advance and writing notes on the back of business cards,” said Van Vooren. “This app brings all that together in the palm of your hand.”

Another glowing review came from veteran industry journalist Benet Wilson, who wrote a post titled “Top 10 Reasons Why The NBAA Show iPhone App Rocks!” Here are some highlights:

  • Reason No. 1 is the ‘My Schedule’ feature that Van Vooren also cited.
  • Reason No. 3: “You can stretch out maps for the exhibit hall, the static display at HND and LVCC. And when you touch an Exhibitor box … you can bookmark, add notes and schedule a visit with them during the show.”
  • Reason No. 6 is the YouTube feed: “This is genius – NBAA has downloaded all relevant show and event videos in one spot.”

At a show with nearly 1,000 Exhibitors and two Static Displays of Aircraft, Van Vooren emphasized that people need to use their time efficiently. “If you’re looking for a specific product or service, you can’t just wander the exhibit hall,” he said. “Smart people are going to use this app to plan their visit and be more efficient.”

In his post, Van Vooren also said he hopes the next generation of the NBAA Convention app will integrate social networking, allowing Attendees to check in at booths they’ve visited, share public ratings of booths and tag Convention news.

Download the official NBAA2011 app.

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