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No Plane No Gain Momentum Continues at NBAA2011

October 9, 2011

NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) continue the tradition of rolling out new No Plane No Gain resources to help underscore the fact that business aviation is not only good for business, but also good for the country.

As was the case at NBAA2010, a new series of ads featuring No Plane No Gain spokesperson Warren Buffett will be prominently displayed at the Convention, including larger-than-life banners visible inside and outside the Las Vegas Convention Center.

No Plane No Gain banner: Warren Buffet

Additionally, a new, two-minute video has been produced, which shows a variety of business aircraft performing missions around the country, as the following words crawl along the bottom of the screen: “We are American as apple pie, we are in every community, we are business aviation.” The video will debut in the minutes leading up to Monday’s Opening General Session.

Another brand-new resource is a pocket guide that features Warren Buffett (PDF, 684 KB) laying out five key facts about business aviation. Printed copies of the pocket guide are available at the Convention.

“This resource is made to be basic and very portable,” explained NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “The idea is that you can put it in your pocket or purse, and if anyone asks you for some basic facts about business aviation’s value, you’ll immediately have five things to say.”

GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce says NBAA and his association have been very active during the past year in promoting the No Plane No Gain message at both the national and local level.

“We redoubled our focus on getting the message out. We’re mobilizing people in the industry to help tell our story. We’re doing this not only in national interviews, but in rallies all across the country. In just this year alone, we’ve used this approach in places like Kansas, Iowa and South Dakota. Simply put, we’re getting local and national-level policymakers to not only hear our story, but to help us articulate it.

Bolen echoed Bunce’s remarks. “We are having an impact, and we have the numbers to show it.” One-quarter of the members in the U.S. House of Representatives belong to the House General Aviation (GA) Caucus. One-third of U.S. Senators are members of the Senate’s GA Caucus. A total of 33 U.S. states have issued proclamations recognizing the value of business aviation to their economies.

“We’ve made some progress, but we know that our work to educate policymakers about the value of business aviation will be an ongoing priority for us,” says Bolen, who pledged that NBAA and GAMA would keep providing new No Plane No Gain resources.

One of those new resources is a series of five new ads in which Warren Buffett underscores the fact that using a business airplane is the sign of a well-managed company. The ads are appearing in trade publications (including the show dailies at this Convention), as well as other publications read by policymakers and opinion leaders, including The Wall Street Journal. The first Journal ad will appear in Monday’s edition.

Also released on the opening day of NBAA2011 was the 2011 NBAA Business Aviation Fact Book, available upon request to both Members and the public. This publication offers a clear and thorough presentation of the broad scope and value of the business aviation industry, with real-world information and data about its value to citizens, companies and communities across the country.

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