NBAA2011 Air Traffic Information

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Updated October 9, 2011

FAA Establishes Required Routings Into Las Vegas for NBAA2011

The FAA has issued required routes for aircraft flying into Henderson Executive (HND) and North Las Vegas (VGT) airports during NBAA2011 next week. For HND, aircraft capable of utilizing RNAV arrival procedures should file the appropriate RNAV standard instrument arrival (STAR). Operators not able to accept the RNAV arrival may face additional delays. The FAA has also requested that operators ensure they correctly input the RNAV capabilities for their aircraft into Item 18 of their ICAO flight plan.

HND representatives are reporting that they are at capacity for overnight parking during the event; however, VGT still has space, and operators also should check with the FBOs at McCarran (LAS).

VGT, LAS and HND airport managers are in the process of posting detailed information on noise abatement procedures, curfews, airport diagrams, preferential runways, pattern altitudes, run-up areas, noise monitoring and more to the Whispertrack web site. Pilots operating to/from any of these Las Vegas airports for the coming NBAA Convention should reference the site later this week for updated information.

FAA NBAA 2011 Convention NOTAM

The final version of this year’s Convention NOTAM is available.

Review the FAA NOTAM on Special Air Traffic Procedures for NBAA2011.

The special air traffic procedures will be in effect from October 6 through October 13, 2011.

The FAA Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center (ATCSCC) may utilize traffic management initiatives for this event when arrival demand is expected to approach or exceed airport capacity. Expect Departure Clearance Times (EDCT) may be issued for all domestic, IFR arrivals to the following airports:

  • Henderson Executive Airport (HND) [Please pay special attention to the parking reservation requirements for HND discussed below]
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS)
  • North Las Vegas Airport (VGT)

Downloadable Arrival and Departure Procedures for Pilots

In order to assist pilots in pre-planning for arrival and departure at Henderson Executive Airport (HND) or North Las Vegas Airport (VGT), download/print the following aids:

Henderson Executive Airport (HND) Arrival Card (37 KB, PDF)

This aid has pertinent arrival information for quick reference during flight planning and on the flight deck for HND arriving traffic.

Henderson Executive Airport (HND) Departure Card (38 KB, PDF)

This aid has pertinent arrival information for quick reference during flight planning and on the flight deck for HND departing traffic.

Henderson Executive Airport (HND) RWYs 35 NBAA Departure (236 KB, PDF)

This procedure will be in use October 8th through 12th. It is designed to assist an efficient departure flow off HND in the event departures must use either RWY 35. Pilots must comply with all instructions on the card.

North Las Vegas Airport (VGT) Departure Card (65 KB, PDF)

This aid has pertinent arrival information for quick reference during flight planning and on the flight deck for VGT departing traffic.

As always, please check NOTAMS beforehand and comply with all ATC instructions in real time.

Las Vegas Airspace Updates

New instrument procedures at Henderson Executive Airport (HND), home of the NBAA2011 Static Display, will benefit not only those flying into the city of Las Vegas this fall for NBAA's 64th Annual Meeting & Convention, but also pilots operating in the area year-round.

Henderson Executive Airport Air Traffic Control TowerThe NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention was last in Las Vegas in 2004. Significant changes have been made in air traffic operations in the Las Vegas Basin since then in preparation for NBAA’s return to Las Vegas. In 2004 there was a single, virtually unusable, VOR approach in to Henderson Executive Airport (HND) and the airspace was configured so the HND and McCarran International Airport (LAS) were virtually the same airport reference getting in to or out of the Las Vegas Basin.

Since that time, NBAA, the FAA, Clark County Department of Aviation, and local NBAA membership have collaborated to improve air traffic operations for the 2011 Convention. Eight new instrument procedures will be available by October including a GPS-B (RNAV) Approach, four Standard Instrument Arrivals (STARs), and three Standard Instrument Departures (SID).

In addition, the airspace has been significantly reconfigured to allow for greater procedural separation of HND and LAS arrivals and departures. The following procedures have been published and are now in use and crews should expect to use them.

Henderson Air Traffic Procedures

Current Date and Time: 9-22-2018 1:03 am PDT

Las Vegas based operators can help spread the word about the increased air traffic in and around Las Vegas by reading a one page information sheet about NBAA 2011.

View the information sheet about NBAA 2011 (38 KB, PDF)

Henderson Executive Airport FBO InteriorHenderson Executive Airport (HND)

No FAA air traffic landing slots reservations will be required at the convention this year. However, operators intending to park for any length of time on the airfield are strongly encouraged to obtain a parking reservation from Henderson Airport.
Place your ground parking reservation now.

Clark County has rebuilt HND infrastructure from the ground up. Improvements include a new control tower, new FBO facility, expanded ramps and modern hangars. Henderson is now a world-class business aviation destination that will provide an outstanding home for the 2011 NBAA Static Display and primary airport for transient aircraft operating in support of NBAA 2011.

For more information about HND, visit

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