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NBAA's Convention Returning to Las Vegas in 2011

Atlanta, GA, October 21, 2010

As NBAA2010 wraps up in Atlanta today, Exhibitors, Attendees and staff are already looking forward to next year's show. Excitement is high that after seven years, the Convention is returning to Las Vegas for NBAA2011.

"For the last several years, one question we've often heard from Members is ‘When will you be back in Las Vegas?’" said NBAA's Steve Brown, senior vice president, operations & administration. "So we're really excited to be going back next year."

Since it was last held in Las Vegas in 2004, NBAA's Convention has grown – it is now the fourth-largest trade show in the United States – and Las Vegas has been expanding its infrastructure to welcome NBAA back. "We have a unique requirement in selecting a city," said Brown, "and that is, we need a general aviation airport that can handle about 100 airplanes in the Static Display within a close distance from the convention hall."

For the last several years, a broad group of local partners has worked with NBAA to make Henderson Executive Airport (HND) outside Las Vegas ideal for hosting the NBAA2011 Static Display of Aircraft.

"The City of Henderson, the Clark County Department of Aviation, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, and the FBO have worked with us to make sure that Henderson's ramp has sufficient space, that all of the servicing and fueling facilities can handle not only the Static Display, but also the number of airplanes coming in to bring people to the Convention," Brown said.

In addition to promoting physical expansion at the airport, NBAA has worked with the FAA to expand access to the Las Vegas airspace.

"The FAA is always one of our key partners in these types of initiatives," said Brown. "To help bring people to our Convention, the FAA has designed new arrival and departure procedures for Henderson. In 2011, people should find access to Henderson Airport and the Las Vegas airspace easier and more convenient than they had in the past."

The new air traffic control procedures will use modern, satellite-based navigation and provide for arrivals and departures specifically for Henderson Executive Airport on a year-round basis.

"Holding our Convention in Las Vegas is also much more convenient for a large number of our Members," said Brown. "It will make the trip that much shorter for our Members west of the continental divide."

"Also, because we hold our Light Business Airplane (LBA) Conference in conjunction with the Convention, we'll offer that event, including the Cessna/NBAA Single-Pilot Safety Standdown, in Las Vegas next year," Brown noted.

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