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Family Assistance Session Was First Live Webcast From NBAA Show

Atlanta, GA, October 20, 2010

NBAA achieved a milestone in its On-Demand Education Program yesterday when the Association conducted its first-ever live webcast of a Convention session. Those who were not able to participate in the original live webinar, titled "Family Assistance Response After an Incident/Accident (Part 2)," are now able to purchase the session as streaming video on the NBAA web site.

NBAA decided to webcast this session because of the growing recognition among flight departments that having a family assistance plan (FAP) in place before an accident occurs is an essential element of a company's response to a mishap. Being prepared to effectively and appropriately respond to the loved ones of those involved by an aircraft accident, while protecting a company's brand reputation, is considered a best practice. Many experts believe that an FAP is a critical enhancement to an emergency response plan and should be a component of a safety management system.

Four speakers provided their perspectives on FAPs:

  • Dr. Carolyn Coarsey, Ph.D. and founder of the Atlanta-based Family Assistance Foundation, an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to empowering people following tragedy, gave an overview of the topic.
  • Merrilee Morris, whose son Chad perished in an accident, shared her story as a survivor.
  • John Averill, vice president of Insurance Office of America, spoke about the dollars and sense aspect of FAPs and mitigating loss.
  • Karina Kefalas, senior vice president of human resources for CitationAir, explained how that fractional aircraft provider set up and developed its FAP.

"This session is a follow-up to the foundation we laid during Part 1 of the FAP webinar, which was held on August 26 with Dr. Coarsey," said Jo Damato, NBAA's director, operations & educational development. "In Part 2, we further explored a survivor's experience and examined why FAPs are good for the company's bottom line. We also heard how one operator established an FAP."

CitationAir's Kefalas admits that setting up an FAP is not easy, but said it "is the right thing to do for your customers, employees and our industry as a whole. No matter what your size, integrating a family assistance plan into your ERP can be done; it just takes some time, effort and money."

Learn more or view the webinar as streaming video via the On-Demand Education web site.