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Two Dozen Operators Recognized for Quiet Flying at Teterboro

Atlanta, GA, October 19, 2010

At the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention today, Teterboro Airport (TEB) presented its “Good Neighbor Awards” in Atlanta to 24 operators for their quiet flying at the New Jersey airfield during 2009.

The recipients were:

  • American Electric Power
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Robert J. Borghi
  • Catawba Corporation
  • Classic Aviation
  • David Edell
  • Evertz Microsystems
  • Jeffrey Buckalew-Coolstream LLC
  • K Services
  • Limited Brands
  • Macklowe Properties
  • Manhattan Helicopters
  • Meredith Corporation
  • NCR Corporation
  • New York Helicopter Charter
  • R&F Wings
  • Travelers
  • Twin Cities Aviation
  • VF Corporation
  • Wal-Mart Aviation
  • Wham Leasing Corporation
  • White Mountain Capital
  • Wings Air
  • Jon A. Wurtzburger

To qualify for an award, operators had to adhere to the airfield’s voluntary restraints regarding late night (11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) and Stage 2 jet operations. These operators also did not receive any violations or warnings under the airport’s mandatory noise rules.

According to Gabriel Andino, TEB’s noise abatement manager, "The voluntary nighttime and Stage 2 flight restraints have helped to reduce the number of flights after 11:00 p.m. Aircraft average noise levels, noise violations and noise complaints have also declined steadily since 2006, thanks in large part to the efforts of our operators."

"We have seen an increase in the number of award winners during the last few years," added Andino, "and that is a reflection on the collaborative efforts of the airport, its users and [its] Industry Working Group to make Teterboro a better neighbor to the community."

Teterboro Airport launched the Good Neighbor Awards in 2004 to give credit to operators who avoided violations of airport noise rules and late-night operations. The awards program became part of the Teterboro Airport Industry Working Group, which was formed in 2006 to improve safety and security and reduce noise at the airport. The working group includes leading trade associations such as NBAA, as well as Teterboro’s fixed base operators and major based operators such as NetJets.

For more information, contact NBAA Northeast Regional Representative Dean Saucier at