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Regional Groups to Brainstorm, Network at Convention

Atlanta, GA, October 19, 2010 – One of NBAA’s primary duties is to champion the interests of business aviation before regulators and legislators in Washington, DC. However, when it comes to representing the industry at the grassroots level, nobody does it better than the more than 40 local and regional business aviation groups that are active across the country.

Advocacy performed by local and regional groups on federal issues such as user fees and the Transportation Security Administration’s Large Aircraft Security Program was pivotal in the battle against those proposals. And when it comes to state and local issues, from tax relief to creating better operating environments at local airfields, regional groups have been instrumental in enhancing safety, maintaining access to airports and airspace, and underscoring the economic value and jobs that business aviation provides.

That’s why NBAA continues to facilitate collaboration among local and regional groups and encourage the formation of new grassroots organizations. To that end, NBAA officials and leaders from regional groups nationwide will gather for a networking session in Georgia World Congress Center Room B304 on Tuesday, October 19 from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m.

"The regional group meeting is a wonderful opportunity to learn of existing NBAA resources for regional groups, express to NBAA staff what additional support local and regional groups need, and to network with your peers," said Kristi Ivey, NBAA’s northwest regional representative.

Indeed, last year’s regional group meeting, held during the 2009 Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando, led to the development of NBAA’s webinar series for regional groups, which provided tips on how to build and maintain a web site; preserve and promote business aviation by sharing and disseminating local success stories; and develop scholarship, education and charity programs.

This year’s regional group meeting will feature three panels:

  • "Unique Initiatives by Regional Business Aviation Organizations" – Three speakers will examine economic development issues and discuss the potential for co-located operators to partner on training programs. In addition, representatives from the Colorado Aviation Business Association will share their experience in conducting the successful "Aviation Saves" event.
  • "Developing Aviation Caucuses in State Legislatures" – Five speakers, including Georgia state senator Jack Hill (R-4), will speak on the value of establishing state aviation caucuses, as was done recently in New York and Massachusetts. This panel will offer tips on how to approach legislators with the caucus idea, detail the commitment and work needed to create a caucus, and explain how to get others involved while dealing with the inevitable political challenges and sensitivities.
  • "Network of Regional Business Aviation Associations" – The newly revitalized Local/Regional Group Subcommittee of NBAA’s Access Committee will be introduced. This subcommittee, which serves as a liaison between regional groups and NBAA regional representatives, will discuss its latest initiatives.

The regional groups meeting will close with a Q&A session featuring three NBAA staff members: Dan Burkhart, director, regional programs; Lisa Piccione, senior vice president, government affairs; and Chris Strong, vice president, membership marketing.

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