NBAA2010 Air Traffic Information

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In anticipation of a large number of aircraft operating to and from NBAA2010, the FAA has issued special procedures that will be used to enhance safety and minimize air traffic delays.

Special Air Traffic Procedures

The special air traffic procedures will be in effect from October 17 through October 22, 2010.

The FAA Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center (ATCSCC) may utilize traffic management initiatives for this event when arrival demand is expected to approach or exceed airport capacity. Expect Departure Clearance Times (EDCT) may be issued for all domestic, IFR arrivals to the following airports:

  • Dekalb­Peachtree Airport (PDK)
  • Fulton County Airport - Brown Field (FTY)
  • Gwinnett County Airport, Briscoe Field (LZU)
  • Cobb County Airport, McCollum Field (RYY)

Review the FAA Special Air Traffic Procedures for NBAA2010.

Aircraft Noise Considerations

FTY and PDK airport managers have asked that pilots operating to/from either airport for NBAA2010 reference to obtain detailed information on noise abatement procedures, curfews, airport diagrams, preferential runways, pattern altitudes, run-up areas, noise monitoring and more. Both airports have highly noise-sensitive communities around them, and operator help in maintaining good relationships with those communities is appreciated. For more information, contact NBAA's Bob Lamond at

PDK IFR/VFR Departure Procedures

Download the NBAA2010 PDK Departure Card (PDF, 108 KB)

Refer to the NOTAM for detailed information.

  • For ATC efficiency and planning purposes, flight plans should be filed at least 6 hours in advance of planned departure time.
  • Advise FBO as soon as possible of your requested departure date and time.
  • Runways 9/27, 16/34, and 2L/20R may be closed during the event for additional parking and taxiway use. Consult NOTAMs for current closure information.
  • All fixed wing VFR/IFR aircraft should monitor ATIS (128.4) before engine start for special ground movement instructions.
  • Do not call for taxi until you are the number one aircraft that can enter a taxiway from the ramp or parking area. (If you are IFR, do not call for taxi until you have received an IFR clearance).
  • Remain on ground control until instructed to contact (or monitor) tower or until number one for departure at the runway.
  • ATIS will indicate if IFR clearances are available on ground control or clearance delivery.
  • Gate-Hold procedures may be implemented during times of heavy arrival/departure traffic. The ATIS will specify whether all (VFR or IFR) or only IFR aircraft are temporarily being subjected to ground delay at the ramp. Affected departures will be informed which frequency to contact for receipt of an engine start/taxi clearance time.
  • Aircraft should be ready for departure upon reaching the runway.

Note: Due to the high number of itinerant departures, aircraft may be held on the ramp to facilitate sequencing and comply with traffic management restrictions.

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