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Traffic Flow Management Session Offers Practical Advice

October 22, 2009, Orlando, FL – NBAA’s GA Desk team, along with an FAA official from New York TRACON, briefed operators at NBAA2009 on the latest airspace initiatives designed to expedite flights in the National Airspace System. Besides explaining the various web-based resources available, they offered several practical tips for operators to improve their flight planning.

Jim McClay, a specialist with NBAA’s Operations Service Group, explained how air traffic control managers work with the airlines, military and officials from NBAA’s GA Desk at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center near Washington, DC to develop an ATC operational plan that is amended every two hours. Such collaborative decision-making has worked well to mitigate the adverse impact of weather and other ATC system delays.

McClay told operators they can obtain an excellent overview of the status of the National Airspace System by visiting the FAA’s Operational Information System web page at By exploring the various links on that site, operators can learn about the various terminal or en route traffic management initiatives that are going on at any given time and plan to avoid the congested airports or airspace.

During the session, McClay outlined the FAA’s various terminal-based traffic management initiatives, while Ernie Stellings, the manager of NBAA’s GA Desk, detailed the agency’s en route programs.

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