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NBAA Introduces New Social Media for Business Aviation Session

October 22, 2009, Orlando, FL – Attendees new to and familiar with social media found advice to improve understanding of what social media is, how peers are using it and how it is changing the way business aviation communicates, during a NBAA2009 session held this week.

Social media provides a new and dynamic way of communicating and connecting online. Four panelists from around the industry shared their advice and experiences learning and using social media like Twitter, Facebook and others. The speakers said that social media continues to change the landscape of the industry for them and explained how Members can integrate it into their company environment.

NBAA’s Air Mail lists have been a form of social networking “since before social networking was a term,” said Patrick Dunne, NBAA communications manager. More recently, “NBAA has found Twitter and Facebook to be great resources to share information about the value business aviation, and to confront negative stereotypes that exist about our industry,” he added.

The Association maintains an active Twitter feed (@NBAA) and Facebook fan page to facilitate more of a community atmosphere, as does the No Plane No Gain campaign (@NoPlaneNoGain).

Rob Mark (@jetwhine), of Business Jet Traveler and the aviation blog JetWhine, said that being on a social network is like being at a party. “There are people you talk with often, people you don’t know and others that you really never interact with. But you can listen in, you can talk with them and if you don’t like the conversation, you just walk away.” 

Some NBAA2009 Attendees in the audience were concerned about negative comments they may have to deal with on blogs, Facebook pages or on Twitter.

Benet Wilson, senior writer for McGraw-Hill’s Aviation Week group (@AvWeekBenet), advised the Attendees that the focus should not be on the negative comments, but finding ways to address the concerns.

Negative comments will be said about a company, brand or industry offline and online, but the panelists said being online gives you a chance to address those negative concerns and positively influence the public perception.

Ryan Keough, manager of marketing and communications for Cutter Aviation FBO Network (@cutteraviation), said it’s important that people take small steps when using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networks. “It’s important to remember not to try to eat the whole elephant in one bite,” he said. “Learning to use social media takes a bit of time, but should absolutely be a part of your corporate communications or marketing plans.”

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