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NBAA Hosts Member Discussion at Convention

October 22, 2009, Orlando, FL – Dozens of Attendees took advantage of the chance to have their questions about NBAA benefits and initiatives answered during this week's Annual Meeting & Convention. Association staff members hosting a Member Discussion made clear that there are no shortage of NBAA benefits, programs and information available to Members to help make their operations more efficient and productive.

"It is important for us to hear thoughts from the Members on everything that we offer, and also to hear about what we could offer," said Chris Strong, vice president of membership.

The NBAA Business Aviation Jobs web page at is one such resource that was introduced in 2009 to great success. Strong said that as of the Convention, the site was the third-most-visited page on NBAA's web site. Other Member benefits introduced this year were a contractor level of Membership that allows those who consult or contract in business aviation to join NBAA and a worker's compensation program.

The ideas for most of the new offerings came about through discussions with Members, much like the Light Business Airplane Conference sessions being held this week at NBAA2009. "The LBA sessions were put together after talking with the Members and hearing the need for education sessions and programs for owner/operators," said Mike Nichols, NBAA vice president of operations, education & economics. NBAA offers operators a range of aircraft management, purchase and ownership information and flight plan assistance, which Members can learn more about at

Lisa Piccione, NBAA senior vice president of government affairs, said membership dollars are used not only to create these benefits but also to affect policy in Washington, DC. NBAA's Contact Congress resource (online at helps Members send form letters to their elected officials on a variety of industry concerns – from the user fee debate to the TSA's Large Aircraft Security Program proposal to environmental concerns – or simply asking for general support for the industry.

There are a host of networking and information-sharing opportunities for NBAA Members, said Doug Carr, NBAA senior vice president of safety, security & regulations. Aside from attending NBAA events in person, Members can also subscribe to NBAA's Air Mail lists, a peer-to-peer resource offered exclusively to Member Companies. "Air Mail allows operators to connect with each other online to get answers to their questions or share concerns or good news," Carr said. "In a way, it was social media before there was social media like Facebook and Twitter."

Further, by calling (202) 783-9250 or e-mailing, the NBAA Operations Service Group can provide answers for Member Companies on just about any operational topic – or at least steer folks towards the right answer.

Learn more about these benefits and more via NBAA's Member Benefits web page at Visit our photo gallery to view photos from this session.

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