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Media Breakfast Shows Momentum of No Plane No Gain

October 20, 2009, Orlando, FL – National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) leaders met with media professionals at the traditional Media Kickoff Breakfast of the NBAA 62nd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2009) to review upcoming industry challenges.

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen and GAMA President and CEO Pete BunceNBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen and GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce updated the media professionals in attendance on the history, progress and future of the No Plane No Gain campaign. "The real measure is not how hard you’re working, but the results you’re getting," said Bolen. "We’ve made great strides to date."

The leaders recounted how business aviation has faced a host of challenges this year. Thousands of general aviation (GA) jobs were cut as sales, manufacturing and flight hours of business aircraft dropped severely in light of the economy and negative stereotypes of business aviation. "When the car executives came to Washington [to testify], we don’t know what their rationale was [for using their business aircraft to make the trip]," said Bunce. "People just assumed there must be no good reason for using business aviation."

In light of such challenges, NBAA and GAMA launched the No Plane No Gain campaign in February to confront the negative perception of business aviation and educate elected officials. Since then, print and television advertisements have run nationally and a dedicated web site – – has been constantly updated with new testimonies, resources and information to help those in the industry fight negative stereotypes. "When we were able to tell our story, people got it," said Bunce.

Bolen and Bunce noted that the progress made since last winter had been "tangible." A General Aviation Caucus was formed earlier in the year in the House of Representatives, and more recently in the Senate. The House passed a resolution that effectively said "GA works for America," and the Governor of Arkansas and the state’s two senators spoke at a rally for business aviation in Little Rock.

A new study by NEXA Advisors shows that companies using business aviation outperform those that do not, and a new survey – commissioned by NBAA and GAMA and conducted by Harris Interactive – shows the true nature of business aviation, cutting through the stereotypes and mischaracterizations.

NBAA and GAMA continue to add to the advocacy resources the No Plane No Gain campaign has provided for the people in the business aviation industry, most recently with a new online resource unveiled at the Media Kickoff Breakfast. The new Business Aircraft E-Valuation Toolkit helps people quantify and communicate about how their company’s aircraft helps support the company’s overall business objectives.

Also at the breakfast, Rob Mark of Business Jet Traveler magazine was awarded the NBAA Gold Wing Award for insightful journalism, and William Garvey, editor-in-chief of Business and Commercial Aviation, received the Platinum Wing Award, which recognizes a lifetime achievement of business aviation journalism.

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