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New Harris Interactive Survey Refutes Media Misperceptions of Industry

October 20, 2009, Orlando, FL – Last week, NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association released a new Harris Interactive survey on the business aviation industry that surely surprised some of the industry's harshest media critics. The survey, based on interviews with business aircraft pilots and passengers, found that the typical company using business aviation is a small or mid-sized business flying a single aircraft that is used by a broad mix of employees flying to community airports, which usually have little or no scheduled airline service.

"This survey revealed a true snapshot of the business aviation industry and in reality, it looks quite different than many recent media portrayals," said the study's lead author, Harris Interactive Vice President David Krane. "Business aviation is an important economic driver and this survey found that a wide range of employees at small to medium-size businesses across the country rely on it daily as an important competitive edge in the marketplace."

Discussed at this morning's NBAA2009 Media Kickoff Breakfast, the survey results help provide an accurate portrayal of business aviation. It is an extremely useful resource for NBAA Members to use when advocating for the industry. Learn more and download a copy of the survey.

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