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Convention's Economic Impact More Important to Orlando Than Ever

The Orlando Convention CenterOctober 20, 2009, Orlando, FL – The Orlando business and hospitality community welcomed the NBAA 62nd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2009) back this year, as the challenging economy makes the Convention's impact on local businesses and jobs more important than ever. Tourism is Orlando's largest industry, accounting for 31 percent of total private employment, or approximately 413,000 jobs. The economic downturn has taken a particularly heavy toll on the tourism industry, with overall Orlando convention attendance down 9.2 percent this year.

"Last March we started to see a significant shrinkage in space taken up at the convention center and declines in attendance," said Kathie Canning, deputy general manager of the Orange County Convention Center. "But we're not writing off 2009. This year we're focusing more than ever on making events like NBAA2009 successful." NBAA2009 ranks in the top 10 shows held at the convention center each year, and the Orlando community is proud to host the show's high quality programming and exhibits and welcome Attendees to the area's amenities.

"NBAA is one of this community's favorite shows," said Tammi Runzler, senior vice president of convention sales and services for the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center and Visitors Bureau. "We have a longstanding business relationship with NBAA, and this community fully understands their needs."

Canning and Runzler said that the partnership with NBAA runs so deep, when the convention center was redesigned, it was equipped with larger hangar-style doors to allow aircraft to be exhibited inside. "With NBAA, we're business partners and we're friends," said Runzler, "When they come here, it's like they're coming home."

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