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New NBAA Light Business Airplane Buyer's Guide Released in Conjunction With LBA Conference

Orlando, FL, October 19, 2009 – NBAA's long-anticipated Light Business Airplane (LBA) Conference will begin on Wednesday, October 21, and in conjunction with this event, NBAA has released a brand-new publication called the NBAA Light Business Airplane Buyer's Guide. Provided as a download from the NBAA web site, the guide aids small businesses in selecting an airplane that's right for their needs by providing an overview of all the light business airplanes currently in production. "Single- and twin-engine piston aircraft, turboprops and light jets – we gathered extensive information for each," says Mike Nichols, NBAA vice president, operations, education & economics. "All so that you can pick the best airplane for your business travel demands from the new aircraft marketplace."

"We did the all the work so you don't have to," adds Nichols. "We developed the guide by collecting basic specification and performance data for each airplane from manufacturers, including horsepower, range and number of seats. The guide allows buyers to make apples-to-apples comparisons for every kind of airplane all in one place, instead of visiting many different manufacturers' web sites."

The LBA Buyers Guide is one of many LBA Conference offerings designed specifically for businesspeople who rely on or are looking to invest in light airplanes. Visit the LBA Buyer's Guide web page.

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