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You Can Help Save a Life by Participating in Charity Benefit

Orlando, FL, October 19, 2009 – The Corporate Angel Network (CAN) once again will be the sole beneficiary of the Charity Benefit at NBAA2009, because the industry's support for the organization is more important than ever. CAN provides free flights aboard business aircraft to cancer patients traveling to treatment centers around the country, exemplifying the humanitarian assistance that business aviation offers to people and communities in times of crisis.

A central theme of the No Plane No Gain campaign, humanitarian efforts provided by business aviation are often overlooked, which is why NBAA nominated CAN for a National Aeronautics Association award to recognize the charity. The organization's Executive Director Peter Fleiss accepted the honor at a ceremony held in the Capitol building earlier this year.

However, the challenging economy has left charities, including CAN, strapped for resources, which is directly affecting the organization's ability to match cancer patients to flights. "We've seen a clear reduction in financial donations, as well as flight departments scaling back their operations," says Fleiss. "Both hinder our ability to help patients. Although we've tripled the annual number of patients we fly since 2000, to 2,800 in 2007, we're now projecting only 2,500 for 2009."

Fleiss emphasizes that NBAA's longtime support has made a meaningful difference in CAN's ability to help cancer patients fight their battle. "That's why the Charity Benefit is so important. The vast majority of our 530 participants are also NBAA Members," says Fleiss. "It's business aviation that provides this service, we just coordinate it."

Learn more about the NBAA/CAN Charity Benefit.

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