NBAA2009 Demographic & Marketing Information

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Capture the entire business aviation universe – in one place, at one time – at NBAA2009 in Orlando, Florida, Tuesday, October 20; Wednesday, October 21; and Thursday, October 22, 2009. Attendees from every segment of the Business Aviation industry will be present. Attendees from 82 countries from around the world will be in attendance. Both small and large companies will be in attendance. Flight departments ranging from one airplane to a multi-aircraft fleet will be there. And companies who use business aircraft on a daily basis to make their businesses grow will be present.

In Tough Times, Shows Like NBAA2009 Remain Highly Valued
August 10, 2009
A recent survey in Trade Show Week magazine makes clear that in a challenging economy, trade shows like NBAA's Annual Meeting & Convention are especially valuable for connecting buyers and sellers. The survey found that 96 percent of CEOs and other senior executives say they are attending their industry's most important events this year. All attendees “continue to see the value of participating in conventions and tradeshows,” and Exhibitors rely on the events to market their products and stay in touch with customers. Review the full article to learn the many other ways that shows like NBAA's Annual Meeting & Convention remain critical to Exhibitors and Attendees alike.

NBAA2008 Statistics

  • 30,811 Attendees

  • 1,186 Exhibiting Companies

  • 507 Members of the Press

  • 139 Aircraft on Static Display

  • 5,312   Booth Spaces

NBAA2008 Demographics

  • 47 of the 50 states in the US, plus the District of Columbia and 2 US Territories were represented at NBAA2008.
  • Six of the seven Continents of the World were represented at NBAA2008, and 82 Countries from around the world were represented.

Of the Attendees at NBAA2009

  • 70% Fully own aircraft
  • 18% Charter aircraft
  • 8% Use a management company
  • 4% Own fractional share(s)

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