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Dube Air

Arthur DubenAs the chief pilot for Bristol-Meyers, Arthur Dube was acutely aware of the importance of the safety equipment in his cockpit. When it came time to retire from the pharmaceutical corporation, he had a unique idea – why not start a company that would be solely focused on providing high technology aviation products designed to enhance the safety of flight? Five years later, Dube Air concentrates on providing safety equipment to the aviation industry and is actually the only company that provides pilot ADR Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) training and ongoing support services required for successful conversion to a paperless cockpit. Based in Sherman, CT with only five employees, Dube Air comes to NBAA Annual Meeting & Conventions every year for the opportunity to get exposure in the industry and build the relationships that help them grow, says George DeClune, director of sales. "NBAA2008 gives us a chance to gain new customers and work with our existing customers on various technical questions and applications," commented DeClune. "Without question, this year’s show is the best show we’ve had."

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