Snapshot - Aviation Partners, Inc.

Aviation Partners, Inc.

Gary DunnAviation Partners, Inc. in 1991 started creating winglets to improve jet performance, and the associated fuel cost savings was simply a by-product of this innovative design. Seventeen years later, the company's blended winglets are leading the way for "greening" flight, cutting fuel consumption and thereby reducing emissions for approximately 3,000 planes in the sky. In fact, every pound of fuel not burned by jets fitted with Aviation Partners' winglets, prevents 3.15 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. On the floor of the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008), the company's giant ticker was constantly moving, flashing how many gallons of fuel have been saved through the use of its winglets. Two days into the show, the ticker read "1,244,431,791" gallons of fuel saved so far.

As leaders in the industry, Aviation Partners always comes to the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention for a variety of reasons. "It's not just about being here to meet with customers or potential customers," said Gary Dunn, vice president of sales for Aviation Partners. "We have a very visual technology, so our display looks good and being here gets us the exposure we need in this industry." Dunn also noted that Aviation Partners wants to be at NBAA2008 to support business aviation, doing its part to show innovation in the industry. Dunn and Aviation Partners are proud of how they are contributing positively to aviation's initiatives to reduce emissions. Dunn recalled as a high-point of NBAA2008 the moment when a visitor to the booth commented, "You are the greenest company here."

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