NBAA2008 / SmartBooth and EventKeywords

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The Exhibitor Portal is your official online Exhibitor interface for NBAA2008 community of registrants planning to attend the event, NBAA Connect. This is where you will enter your Company description, product information and export interest data online in a powerful new way for sharing with registrants planning to attend NBAA2008.

Registrants will be searching online and planning visits with your Company at NBAA2008 using their own personalized web portals. Every registrant receives a NBAA Connect portal, which displays your Company and product information in search results, lets registrants place you on their personalized Event Plans, and literally draws them a map to your booth. So you can see how important it is that your information be complete and accurate.

Smart Booth

Increase Qualified Lead Count By As Much As 100% And More With NBAA2008 SmartBooth™ and EventKeywords™

SmartBooth is a completely automated web-based lead generation service that automatically finds and reports to you with your key leads as registration builds and drives them to your booth. Now radically increase your return on investment from NBAA2008. As Attendees perform searches, view Company profiles, evaluate products, and schedule their sessions –Attendees are building a personal profile on themselves. This enables Exhibitors to identify which Attendees are going to NBAA2008 looking for what you sell.

As an Exhibitor – YOU - define your target audience in SmartBooth - you actually set your own criteria for a qualified lead. SmartBooth enables you to deliver a targeted marketing message (or booth invitation) directly to those registered Attendees that are going to the show looking for products and services like yours.

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Turn Attendee Searches into ROI

In order to achieve ROI, Exhibitors need to know which Attendees are looking to buy what you sell. Attendees need to know they are exhibiting and how to find them. AND, exhibitors need to meet these attendees to create a sales opportunity.

EventKeywords increase your visibility and Brand Awareness. SmartBooth identifies your top prospects (the Attendees that meet your criteria AND are searching for your offerings) and drives these prospects to your Booth.

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