NBAA Announces New NBAA Web Site Coming Soon

Screen shot of NBAA's redesigned website that is launching soonORLANDO, FL, October 5, 2008 – In an effort to continue providing the best possible services to Members, and to better represent the breadth and diversity of the business aviation community, NBAA announces the approaching completion of a redesigned NBAA web site at the Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008). The redesigned site, due to launch later this fall, places a high emphasis on ease of use and efficient navigation.

"It all comes down to usability," said NBAA’s Jason Wolf, director, internet communications. "Our Members told us the web site is a great resource, but sometimes it could be difficult to find what they were looking for. We’re doing this redesign to dramatically improve the experience of using of the site."

Keeping the wealth of information and resources offered on the current NBAA web site, the new site has been designed to better organize and channel this information, providing tailored and up-to-date resources to each of the wide variety of NBAA’s Member Company constituents. Portals for Members, Exhibitors, media, and students will guide those who rely on NBAA’s web site and services to enhance their businesses and careers to the content that is most relevant to them.

View a flash preview presentation of the new"The current web site was launched in 1995, and these are the most dramatic changes we have made to the web site in a decade," said Wolf. "This is a fresh start."

Over the course of the year, NBAA leadership and staff regularly solicited feedback about the web site from Members, in-person from Members at events, through focus groups and with web site usability testing.

"NBAA’s web site is critical to our Members," added Wolf. "It will better support our Members’ operational needs and more effectively communicate the value of business aviation to the national economy."

View a flash preview presentation of the new www.nbaa.orgSome of the features on the new site include a Google-powered search engine, drop down menus that efficiently direct users to valuable information straight from the homepage, rotating top news stories on the home page and a graphic calendar displaying upcoming events.

The accessibility of the redesigned site will better help to introduce business aviation to new audiences, and offer a clear guide to entry and advancement to a business aviation career path. "It better highlights to our Members everything that we do, especially the educational resources we provide online," said Wolf. The new site will continue to provide the most current news and information for flight departments for all of NBAA’s Member Companies, from those that operate single-pilot airplanes, to those that use turbine aircraft to fly internationally, and the service providers that support them.

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