NBAA Helps Business Aviation Professionals Ascend the Career Ladder

ORLANDO, FL, October 6, 2008 – NBAA’s commitment to promoting business aviation as a career and helping individuals already working in the industry to enhance their knowledge and professionalism is evident in the Association’s scholarship program. NBAA offers more than a dozen awards that provide tuition reimbursement for enrolled students, as well as monetary and training awards for working professionals.

Recipients of NBAA scholarships have reported that these awards have often provided career-changing experiences. Take Aleesa Kurtz, a dispatcher who received a monetary scholarship in 2007.

While an undergraduate, Kurtz began working as a dispatcher for the flight-training center at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT. Not having any prior interest in aviation, she took the job simply to earn extra money.

Kurtz quickly became interested in flying and decided to pursue an aviation career, changing her college major to aviation management. After graduating in 2006, she continued to work as a dispatcher at the flight-training center while she went on to pursue a master’s in her chosen field.

In the meantime, one of her professor’s suggested that obtaining a dispatch license would help further her career. While researching institutions that provide dispatch training, she learned about NBAA’s scheduler & dispatcher scholarships and applied. Kurtz won a monetary scholarship in January 2007, and used it to attend FlightSafety International’s school at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport just a few weeks later.

After completing the six-week course, Kurtz returned to Salt Lake City with her dispatch license in hand and received her advanced degree on May 31. The following week, she started a new job as an aircraft operations coordinator for ORBIS International in New York City.

The NBAA scholarship helped put her career on a fast track, says Kurtz, who feels that having a dispatch license has provided her more opportunities, improved her promotion possibilities and made her more qualified to serve in a variety of positions within the aviation industry.

NBAA does not just offer scholarships for schedulers and dispatchers. The Association has awards that are targeted at maintenance technicians, flight attendants, and any aviation professional who wants to take a Professional Development Program (PDP) course, pursue Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) certification or who aspires to become an aviation manager. In addition, NBAA provides monetary and training awards for aviation students enrolled at NBAA/University Aviation Association (UAA)-member institutions.

Anyone interested in obtaining more information or applying for a scholarship should visit, e-mail or call (202) 783-9250. Please note that the deadline for applying for the next available S&D scholarships is October 17.

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