LBA2009: A New NBAA Show Addressing Single-Pilot Needs

ORLANDO, FL, October 8, 2008 – As many people know, business aviation is a diverse community of companies of all sizes that use general aviation (GA) aircraft of all types. The operational challenges these companies face, and the resources needed to confront them, are as varied as the businesses and airplanes themselves.

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has unveiled a new show to address the unique challenges and needs of businesses that rely on light business airplanes to make their business models successful. The first-ever NBAA Light Business Airplane Exhibition & Conference (LBA2009) specifically will focus on operators of piston airplanes, turboprops and light jets.

The new event will take place from Thursday, March 12 through Saturday, March 14, 2009, in San Diego, CA. The LBA2009 exhibit hall will be located at the award-winning San Diego Convention Center, and is expected to cover approximately 1,000 exhibit booth spaces.

The concept for the event came from NBAA Members, who told the Association that they need an event specific to their business airplanes and operations. LBA2009 will respond to this need by showcasing airplanes that can be flown single-pilot and providing a host of Information Sessions, including a single-pilot Safety Standdown, tax seminars and a variety of other key topics generated by the operators themselves.

The event also will include a Static Display of Airplanes just minutes from the convention center, at Landmark Aviation Services on San Diego International Airport (SAN).

The show’s Opening General Session will feature keynoter Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes magazine, and a general aviation enthusiast who uses a Cirrus SR22 for business.

"I’m delighted to be a part of this event, and I look forward to being there on opening day, to share what I’ve learned about using an airplane for business, and exchange helpful tips and tools with people like me."

Educational Sessions at LBA2009 will cover everything from the tax benefits of using a single-pilot airplane for business, to the various types of business uses for GA aircraft and the regulatory frameworks that govern them, to medical certification standards for pilots.

John and Martha King, renowned aviation instructors and jet operators for over 20 years, will share what they wish they had known before they bought and operated their first jet. The session – normally priced at $395 – is free for LBA2009 Attendees.

Exciting news about this latest NBAA event continues to be announced, and planning for the show has benefited from expertise provided by a local committee of GA leaders based in the San Diego area. Mike Herman, who heads up the committee, is the founder of North American Communications and a Cessna CJ3 pilot. He is also a member of NBAA's Board of Directors.

"I started my business forty years ago with one plane," said Herman, "And when I wanted to start using an airplane for the business, I wish I’d had a single resource to turn to for the host of tax and regulatory issues, maintenance procedures and safety standards involved. That’s what this new event is all about – we’re going to gather all of the most important information for business operators into one place."

The LBA2009 Local Committee is working to make NBAA’s inaugural Light Business Airplane Exhibition & Conference the best it can be. For those who would like to attend or exhibit, visit the official LBA2009 web site at, contact NBAA at 1-800-928-4283 (1-800-9-AVIATE), or e-mail NBAA at

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