Updates to the CAM Program Unveiled at NBAA2008

ORLANDO, FL, October 7, 2008 – NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Program continues to evolve and expand, providing business aviation professionals in every segment of the industry an opportunity to ascend in their careers. At the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008), CAM Program leadership met to approve critical updates to the program.

The CAM Governing Board met yesterday in Orlando to review and approve a new job analysis, which serves as the basis for the development of CAM certification exam. This comprehensive analysis, conducted by practioners in the field, provides a detailed job description for a CAM.

"The job analysis is literally the heart and soul of the exam," said Guy Smith, CAM testing committee chair, and professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. "It is an analysis of the tasks that CAMs do everyday, which translates to the very questions fielded in the exam. As we write those questions, we continually ask ourselves, ‘does this question actually pertain to anything on this list of what a professional flight manager really does in their job?’"

The job analysis was originally conducted five years ago, and yesterday, the analysis was officially updated to better reflect the changing responsibilities of professional flight managers. The update includes additions on security, international operations and environmental issues, among others. The job analysis will be available on the NBAA web site later this year and will be included in the fourth version of the CAM Study Guide, slated for release in spring 2009.

In a separate session yesterday, CAM leadership provided the opportunity for potential CAMs to learn more about the program, and the CAM Study Guide. The third version of the guide, designed to help prepare individuals to take the CAM exam, was released in September.

Available on CD-ROM, the CAM Study Guide gives a description of the exam, a list of suggested primary and secondary reference materials and study tips. One of the most helpful features of the guide is a 40-question practice exam. The recent upgrades to the latest version offer additional practice questions that better represent the actual exam. The CAM Study Guide can be ordered on-site in Orlando at the NBAA Headquarters Booth.

At last year’s Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando, the Association announced that it would offer the exam in a computer-based testing format, allowing test-takers more flexibility in their schedules and opportunities to take the exam. The paper exam is still offered once a year at the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention, and was this year on Sunday in Orlando.

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