Florida Aviation Day Creates Career, Networking Opportunities

ORLANDO, FL, October 8, 2008 – NBAA today will welcome Florida-based business aviation professionals and students considering the aviation industry as careers, and other interested parties to the Association’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008) free of charge for an exciting career development and networking opportunity. Florida Aviation Day will build upon the success of last year’s inaugural event at NBAA’s 60th Annual Meeting & Convention in Atlanta.

This unique event is another aspect of NBAA’s ongoing commitment to provide career development opportunities to the business aviation industry.

At this year’s annual gathering, Florida Aviation Day will experiment with a flexible, personalized and hands-on learning format for all Attendees. Eight NBAA staff and Corporate Aviation Management Committee members will join with Member Company volunteers to provide presentations to groups of students and aviation professionals, and lead these invited Attendees on personalized tours of the show floor.

"We’re very excited about Florida Aviation Day because it will highlight educational opportunities, facilitate networking and showcase the best attributes of our industry to current and potential employees," said Sarah Wolf, program specialist in NBAA’s Operations Division.

The day-long event promises to generate significant new interest among potential future employees in the business aviation industry across Florida. Attendees are expected from a variety of different sources, including several regional technology high schools with pilot and aircraft controller programs, as well as professors and students affiliated with the University Aviation Association.

"These special Florida Attendees will receive extensive information about potential scholarships, internships and careers in business aviation to attract and cultivate the next generation of our workforce," Wolf said.

Employees of locally based NBAA Member Companies also are encouraged to attend during Florida Aviation Day, in order to network and learn more about career and continuing education opportunities. Current employees will have scholarships highlighted for them, and gain invaluable networking time with senior members of the NBAA community.

In addition, Florida Aviation Day will strengthen the business aviation industry’s relationships in the communities it serves. NBAA regional representatives have been working to coordinate attendance among community groups they have been working with at their airports.

"Spending a day with our neighbors at the convention not only makes them more familiar with the importance of our industry," continued Wolf, "but it also attracts students and expands existing relationships."

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