NBAAConnect - Build Your NBAA2008!

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Build NBAA2008 Around You!

Let NBAA Connect automatically gather the people, products and knowledge that make up your perfect Show.

NBAA Connect is your personal assistant that intelligently mines through the NBAA2008 community and finds everything at the Show that is of value to you. Plus, it’s free and activates when you register for the Show.

Starting several months before the event, NBAA Connect begins to alert you via email about people, products and knowledge precisely matched to your objectives based on your registration information.

NBAA Connect builds your "You-Based Event Report" week-by-week and is accessible in your NBAA Connect web portal.

NBAA Connect is a powerful tool that helps you:

  • Identify Exhibitors and other Attendees who best meet your business goals
  • Locate the products and services you want to see to stay current in the growing aviation industry
  • Find educational sessions to increase your business knowledge
  • Build a personal Show agenda of meetings, products and sessions that are important to you
  • Create a personalized map Showing the locations of the Exhibitors, products and sessions you’ve chosen to visit

Start using NBAA Connect today to personalize the Show and make the most out of your three days at NBAA2008!

For more information or questions please contact (410) 402-1028, option 1.