The NBAA News Bureau web site contains highlights from the Association's 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008), held from Monday, October 6 through Wednesday, October 8, at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) with a Static Display of Aircraft at Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). Watch for news reports on Convention-related activities held throughout the week from October 4–10.

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Wednesday, October 8

NBAA2008 Closes With Over 30,000 In Attendance
October 8, 2008
The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) concluded its 61st Annual Meeting & Convention with 30,811 people in attendance, "a solid turnout," according to Association President and CEO Ed Bolen. "This year's show comes amidst spikes in the cost of fuel, tightening credit markets and a challenging economy," Bolen said. "Business aviation has been impacted by adverse economic trends like every other industry, so we're pleased that our Convention continues to offer a valuable marketing and networking opportunity for our Member Companies." Read full press release.

Many Convention Sessions Available Through NBAA On Demand Education
October 8, 2008
For those who were unable to attend NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008) in person, the Association is making a host of Information Sessions from the event available online through its On-Demand Education Program. “NBAA On-Demand Education is ideal for Members that were unable to attend NBAA2008,” said NBAA’s Jo Damato, director, operations & educational development. “But it’s also great for Members that were there, but couldn’t make it to every session that they wanted to.” Through NBAA’s On-Demand Education Program, business aviation professionals can access selections from the Association’s information-packed Information Sessions taking place at NBAA regional and national events, as Internet-based streaming video or video CD-ROM. More.

At NBAA’s Convention, FAA Officials Answer Range of Operator Questions
October 8, 2008
Nicholas A. Sabatini, the Federal Aviation Administration’s Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, along with three other agency officials, fielded a variety of questions from business aircraft operators during a Wednesday morning “Meet the Regulators” session at NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008). Topics covered included Federal Aviation Regulation Part 125 and 135 operations, safety management systems (SMSs), criminalization of aircraft accidents, English proficiency of aviation users, harmonization of FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations and problems operators have with principal operations inspectors (POIs). More.

NBAA Hosts International Panel on NextGen Flight Vision Systems
October 8, 2008
Top scientists, engineers, pilots and regulators were present at a Wednesday session during the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008) to speak about the status and implications of rapidly developing enhanced vision systems (EVS) and synthetic vision systems (SVS) for today and tomorrow’s flight operations. Mike Mena of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation opened and moderated the international panel of experts, which covered a wide breadth of information on different aspects of EVS and SVS for the standing-room-only session. More.

NBAA/UAA Reaching Future Business Aviation Professionals: Business Aviation Career Seminar for College Students
October 8, 2008
As part of Florida Aviation Day, NBAA and the University Aviation Association (UAA) sponsored a panel session for students to highlight the benefits of business aviation as a career and provide an introduction to the industry. The panel offered students an opportunity to hear advice on getting into the industry, what to do to succeed in a career and how to secure employment in this challenging economy. Janet Bressler of ExcelAire started her career as an aviation insurance broker, and noted that while it is not a path many students consider, it is a great example of the many innovative ways available to break into the industry. “You should look for jobs that will give you great exposure to every facet of the industry, particularly as you are at the beginning of your careers,” advised Bressler. More.

Confusion Surrounding Operational Control Systems for Part 91 and Part 135 Aircraft
October 8, 2008
Because of the increased focus on Part 135 operations in recent years, attention has turned to discussing the issues surrounding operational control for Part 91 aircraft operations – including managed aircraft. In many cases, managed aircraft are used in Part 135, or charter-flight, operations and also non-commercial operations for the aircraft owner. There are a number of questions regarding a Part 91 aircraft being managed by a separate company. Is an owner responsible for a flight managed by another company? How is the aircraft insured in that situation? More.

TSA Official Updates NBAA Members on Security Initiatives
October 8, 2008
Michal Morgan, general manager of the general aviation (GA) branch of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), updated business aircraft operators on the agency’s general aviation security programs during a Tuesday afternoon Information Session held at NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008). Morgan started by assuring Attendees that the TSA realizes that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to aviation security. She also said the agency “clearly understands” that operators are willing to adopt additional security measures, but that they do not want those procedures to adversely impact their daily operations. More.

New Enforcement Panel Emphasizes Importance of Seeking Counsel When in Doubt
October 8, 2008
Formed in light of multiple high-visibility enforcement actions by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the past two years, NBAA’s “Aviation Enforcement Actions Panel: What to Expect, How to Prepare,” was held yesterday for the first time, with experienced aviation lawyers providing NBAA2008 Attendees with critical advice and information. Any certificated person or entity can be impacted by recent intensification of investigations, including pilots, mechanics, air carriers and Part 145 repair stations. Both airmen’s certificates and medical certificates are at stake under the FAA’s heightened scrutiny. More.

Emergency Response Planning – What Flightcrews Can Do to Be Prepared
October 8, 2008
Tuesday afternoon brought a unique training session to NBAA2008, as Pete Agur, of the VanAllen Group, Inc, in conjunction with the NBAA Flight Attendants Committee, presented to cabin crew professionals and flight department managers, a proven strategy to develop a “readiness” plan for coping with the aftermath of an aircraft accident. “Why do you want to develop a plan?” asked Agur. “It comes down to the difference between emergency preparation and emergency response. When we go through our mandatory training in the aviation industry, almost all of what we learn is ‘immediate action’ activities. But when an accident occurs, every company needs a plan in place that your team has been trained on and can immediately activate.” More.

Environmental Concerns Will Have Growing Impact on General Aviation
October 8, 2008
In yesterday’s "NBAA Update on Environmental Issues Impacting General Aviation," speakers predicted that business aviation will continue to face worldwide concern about the overall effect of aviation on the environment – including that for general aviation – despite the fact that the industry has had an exemplary track record of minimizing its impact on climate change. Don Spruston, director general of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), said, "The real hot-button issue today is climate change. The public perceives it as a problem, so it is a problem for our industry." More.

At NBAA’s Convention, NTSB Member Encourages Business Operators to Adopt SMS
October 8, 2008
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Member Robert Sumwalt told Attendees at NBAA’s annual “Safety Town Hall Meeting” that operators should consider adopting a safety management system (SMS). Addressing those in attendance at the meeting, Sumwalt, a former airline pilot and flight department manager, said he believes that a systematic approach to safety will help improve business aviation’s already good safety record. More.

Panel on Air Taxi Operations Says VLJs, Air Taxi Hold Great Promise
October 8, 2008
At a session yesterday, a panel of industry experts discussed the latest in technology and innovation with regard to technologically advanced aircraft (TAA) and very light jets (VLJs) in air taxi operations. Air taxi companies aim to facilitate business travel, offering on-demand air transportation with per-hour fares, replacing long hours of driving and more expensive or time-consuming air travel options. Panelists stressed that air taxi operations are in no way a competition for commercial aviation, but rather are complementary to the carriers. More.

LBA2009: A New NBAA Show Addressing Single-Pilot Needs
October 8, 2008
As many people know, business aviation is a diverse community of companies of all sizes that use general aviation (GA) aircraft of all types. The operational challenges these companies face, and the resources needed to confront them, are as varied as the businesses and airplanes themselves. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has unveiled a new show to address the unique challenges and needs of businesses that rely on light business airplanes to make their business models successful. The first-ever NBAA Light Business Airplane Exhibition & Conference (LBA2009) specifically will focus on operators of piston airplanes, turboprops and light jets. The new event will take place from Thursday, March 12 through Saturday, March 14, 2009, in San Diego, CA. More.

NBAA 17th Annual Tax Conference Available On Demand
October 8, 2008
A host of Information Sessions offered during NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention, as well as the entire proceedings from the NBAA 17th Annual Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference, are available for pre-purchase through NBAA’s On-Demand Education Program. Select sessions were video-recorded and presentations will be synched so that virtual Attendees can benefit from the same critical information as those on-site in Orlando. Additional sessions were audio-recorded, and coordinating materials also will available beginning in November. All recorded sessions can be purchased individually or as a package. Members receive a discount on the purchase price. For more information and to place an order, visit:

Business Aviation Insider: Do You Get It?
October 8, 2008
Business Aviation Insider, NBAA’s official bimonthly Member publication, reports on all the latest issues and trends facing the industry and documents the Association’s efforts to support the business aviation community by addressing the challenges it faces. Insider is one of the newer benefits of NBAA Membership. Introduced in 2006 as a quarterly publication, the magazine went bimonthly earlier this year and now offers 24 pages of information on all aspects of business aviation – from safety and security, to taxes and accounting, professional development and industry advocacy. More.

Travel and Your Health: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt
October 8, 2008
A session held yesterday during NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention on confronting air travel health issues provided guidance and information on the best way companies can prepare for health risks, prevent serious consequences and deal with episodes if and when they occur. More.

Florida Aviation Day Creates Career, Networking Opportunities
October 8, 2008
NBAA today will welcome Florida-based business aviation professionals and students considering the aviation industry as careers, and other interested parties to the Association’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008) free of charge for an exciting career development and networking opportunity. Florida Aviation Day will build upon the success of last year’s inaugural event at NBAA’s 60th Annual Meeting & Convention in Atlanta. This unique event is another aspect of NBAA’s ongoing commitment to provide career development opportunities to the business aviation industry. More.

Tuesday, October 7

Day Two of NBAA2008 Concludes With 30,000 On Hand
October 7, 2008
At the close of the second day of the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008) in Orlando, FL, 30,164 people have registered for the show. This week, 1,100 Exhibiting Companies at the Orange County Convention Center are providing side-by-side comparisons of their products and services and a record-breaking 139 state-of-the-art business aircraft are being featured at the Static Display of Aircraft on nearby Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). In addition, more than 100 Information Sessions are being held on a wide range of topics of interest to the business aviation community. Get continuous news and highlights from the world's largest purely civil aviation at the NBAA2008 Online Convention News Bureau at

NBAA Offers Free Video-Recorded Session on Emergency Response Planning
October 7, 2008
In its continuing efforts to help business aviation professionals ascend in their careers, NBAA’s On-Demand Education Program will offer several new selections from the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008). A free video recording and session materials from today’s “Emergency Response Planning” session that emphasized what flightcrews can do to prepare for an accident or aircraft emergency will be available in November, but can be pre-ordered now. Pete Agur, of the VanAllen Group, Inc., in conjunction with the NBAA Flight Attendants Committee, tailored this presentation to assist cabin crew professionals in achieving "readiness" perspectives to assist them in coping with the aftermath of an aircraft accident. For more information and to pre-order the session, go to

NBAA Attendees Briefed on NextGen Rollout
October 7, 2008
During a Monday afternoon session at NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention, Attendees were updated on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) efforts to increase the capacity of the National Airspace System (NAS) through ongoing projects continue transformation of the nation’s aviation system to a Next Generation Air Transportation System, also called "NextGen." A panel of agency officials and industry partners answered questions from operators in an effort to clear up misunderstandings about how the new technologies and procedures of the multi-phase program are being, and will be, rolled out. More.

Panel Discusses Current and Future Very Light Jet Market at NBAA2008
October 7, 2008
Hundreds of Attendees at the National Business Aviation Association’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008) yesterday packed into a panel discussion on very light jets (VLJs) featuring officials from VLJ manufacturers. "[VLJs still are] something that catches the imagination of the business aviation industry, certainly of the general public," said NBAA’s Mike Nichols, vice president, operations, education & economics. In the past year we’ve seen a number of changes in the VLJ marketplace, Nichols said, certainly in regard to manufacturers and air taxi operations. More.

NBAA Scholarships Help Business Aviation Students and Professionals Ascend
October 7, 2008
The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) continually strives to provide opportunities for Members to ascend and become more successful in their business aviation career paths. In addition, the Association encourages young people to pursue careers in business aviation, offering a wide range of scholarships to help college students accomplish their professional endeavors. At NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando, several people were recognized today with NBAA scholarships. Read the full press release.

Flight Attendant Committee Pursuing Multiple Initiatives
October 7, 2008
NBAA’s Flight Attendant Committee is moving forward on a number of projects designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of business aviation operations. Today, at the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008), the Flight Attendants Committee is holding a public meeting from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. in room S310C, where the committee will continue formulating plans for its upcoming 2009 Flight Attendants Conference, scheduled for June 25 to 27 in New Orleans. Visitors are encouraged to come to Tuesday’s meeting to provide input. This year’s NBAA 13th Annual Flight Attendants Conference was held on June 27 and 28 in Tucson, AZ, attracting more than 275 people. More.

NBAA Thanks Volunteers for Bringing Aviation-Themed Playground to Orlando Community
October 7, 2008
The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today thanked the nearly 300 volunteers from business aviation and the local Orlando community for their successful work to construct an aviation-themed playground in a single day. The playground, built on October 4 in conjunction with NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008), was the result of a partnership with KaBOOM!, a non-profit group that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America, and Orlando-based BBA/Signature Flight Services. This year’s Park Build marks the second year for what has become an annual project, following last year’s playground build near Fulton County Airport-Brown Field (FTY) in Atlanta, GA. Read the full press release.

Updates to the CAM Program Unveiled at NBAA2008
October 7, 2008
NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Program continues to evolve and expand, providing business aviation professionals in every segment of the industry an opportunity to ascend in their careers. At the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008), CAM Program leadership met to approve critical updates to the program. The CAM Governing Board met yesterday in Orlando to review and approve a new job analysis, which serves as the basis for the development of CAM certification exam. This comprehensive analysis, conducted by practioners in the field, provides a detailed job description for a CAM. More.

Schedulers Conference Offers Training Opportunities for All
October 7, 2008
The NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Committee sponsored a networking opportunity yesterday afternoon at NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008) in which leaders briefed Attendees about the upcoming NBAA 20th Annual S&D Conference, scheduled for January 13 through 16, 2009, in Long Beach, CA. The goal was to acquaint flight department managers with how the Conference will provide an expanding array of training, education, professional development and networking opportunities for all business aviation professionals, not just schedulers and dispatchers. More.

Media Alert: Wright ‘B’ Flyer Debut Event at NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention
October 7, 2008
The newest addition to Wright “B” Flyer Inc.’s fleet of historic lookalike aircraft will make its public debut at 3:00 p.m. today at booth 3104 at the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA’s) 61st Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando, FL. Amanda Wright Lane, great grandniece of aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright and trustee of Wright “B” Flyer, Inc., will be on hand to talk about the new flyer dubbed the “Silver Bird.”
Read the media alert.

Monday, October 6

Busy NBAA2008 Opening Day Concludes With Over 29,000 On Hand
October 6, 2008
The opening day for NBAA's 61st Annual Meeting & Convention concluded with 29,350 Attendees on-site in Orlando for the show. At the Media Kickoff Breakfast that began the day, NBAA Chairman Jeff Lee noted that the turnout underscored the opportunities the show provides to companies of all sizes whose products and services span the general aviation industry. "This year's show comes amidst spikes in the cost of fuel, tightening credit markets a challenging economy and even the devastating impact of Hurricane Ike on Houston, a city with an economy that is heavily dependent on aviation," said Lee. The day was filled with news-making events by a number of Exhibitors, and a host of valuable Information Sessions on aviation safety, security, taxation and other issues. Noteworthy speakers were also on hand, including International Civil Aviation Organization President Roberto Kobeh Gonzalez, famed political commentators James Carville and Mary Matalin and Acting FAA Administrator Bobby Sturgell.

NBAA2008 Safety Panelists Discuss Aircrew Training Challenges
October 6, 2008
Industry leaders discussed challenges facing flight departments in today’s “NBAA Business Aviation Aircrew Training Challenges” session. The challenge, according to the experts, is the need for quicker and cost-effective training for pilots, but with an emphasis on best practices and procedure standards. “There are more challenges than ever before because the cockpits are such increasingly complex environments,” said Casey Norman, chief pilot for Cargill. “There is also an increasing reliance on technology and…people are less forgiving of human error now.” More.

NBAA2008 Opening General Session Recognizes Trends, Issues and Contributions to Industry
October 6, 2008
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen welcomed Attendees of the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention at this morning’s Opening General Session, which featured distinguished speaker Roberto Kobeh González, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) president, along with Ron Kaplan, executive director of the National Aviation Association Hall of Fame, who announced this year’s recipient of the Combs-Gates Award. More.

Matalin and Carville Give Political Commentary; FAA Administrator Cuts Ribbon
October 6, 2008
NBAA this year welcomed veteran political couple Mary Matalin and James Carville to speak at the Opening General Session of the 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008), offering their perspectives on this year’s election, and marking the couple’s second appearance at an NBAA Convention. More.

NBAA Honors Business Aviation Leaders, Industry Philanthropy
October 6, 2008
The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today recognized the efforts of several leaders in business aviation for their efforts to further the industry in a variety of ways. NBAA’s Ed Bolen, President and CEO, and Jeff Lee, NBAA Chairman of the Board, presented the Association’s annual Meritorious Service to Aviation, John P. "Jack" Doswell Award, Flying Safety Awards and Al Uetschi Humanitarian Awards to their recipients. "One area where our industry shines is in the philanthropic arena," said Bolen. "Often overlooked in the story of business aviation are the unsung heroes whose humanitarian works make a real difference in people's lives." More.

Recipients of NBAA’s Flying Safety Awards Honored at Convention Luncheon
October 6, 2008
The NBAA Flying Safety Awards were presented at an Awards Luncheon held during NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention to recognize leaders in safe flight, the industry’s highest priority. Three NBAA Member companies were recognized for flying 50 or more years without an accident. Five more NBAA Members were honored for six accident-free decades of flight. "Flying for 50 or 60 years without an accident is truly a remarkable achievement," said NBAA’s Doug Car, vice president, safety, security & regulation. "It is a pleasure to recognize the efforts of these companies who share NBAA’s safety priorities." More.

NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention Kicks Off With Media Breakfast
October 6, 2008
The most exciting three days of the year for the business aviation industry began today in Orlando at the National Business Aviation Association’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008) Media Kickoff Breakfast. NBAA Chairman Jeffrey Lee opened the annual breakfast by discussing how the aviation community had come together before the start of the show to build a playground for area children at the Hollowbrook apartment complex, located near the Convention’s Static Display of Aircraft at Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). In addition, 220 golfers participated in the NBAA Annual Chairman’s Charity Classic Golf Tournament, raising over $30,000 for NBAA Charities. “When we come together for a common cause, we can do great things,” Lee said. More.

NBAA’s Security Council Working on New ‘Positive Pilot ID’ Program
October 6, 2008
NBAA’s Security Council, which met on Saturday in conjunction with NBAA2008, is busy working with federal security officials to develop a trial program designed to confirm the identity of aviators at the controls of an aircraft in flight. The so-called “Positive Pilot Identification” Program, which could start by yearend, would seek to validate the use of certain communication channels – such as the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) and satellite data link – to confirm that a pilot flying an aircraft is who he says he is. The pilot program would run for 60 to 90 days, and several NBAA Member flight departments have already volunteered to participate. More.

NBAA2008 Static Display Breaks Records With Cutting-Edge Aircraft
October 6, 2008
One of the highlights of NBAA’s Annual Meeting & Convention has always been the Static Display of Aircraft, but this year’s display will showcase more cutting-edge developments in business aviation than ever before, highlighting innovative aircraft and systems to help businesses ascend. The three-day event, being held at the Orlando Executive Airport (ORL), will feature a record-setting 139 aircraft, marking a significant increase of last year’s 115 aircraft on static display at Fulton County Airport (FTY) in Atlanta. Displaying the most exciting aircraft in the marketplace, the static display offers NBAA2008 Attendees an unparalleled opportunity for a one-stop shopping experience to compare and contrast and discover what best suits their business needs. More.

NBAA Helps Business Aviation Professionals Ascend the Career Ladder
October 6, 2008
NBAA’s commitment to promoting business aviation as a career and helping individuals already working in the industry to enhance their knowledge and professionalism is evident in the Association’s scholarship program. NBAA offers more than a dozen awards that offer provide tuition reimbursement for enrolled students, as well as monetary and training awards for working professionals. Recipients of NBAA scholarships have reported that winning these awards have often been provided career-changing experiences. More.

How Much Does It Cost Not to Have a Safety Management System?
October 6, 2008
By now, nearly everyone in the aviation industry has heard about the safety benefits that accrue to business aircraft operators who embrace the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), the set of safety and professional best practices developed over the past six years by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and its member associations, including NBAA. However, some may not have considered the business case for adopting the “gold standard” of business aviation safety management systems (SMS). An informational session, being held today from 10:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon in room S320EF, will shed some light on the price paid by operators who did not have an SMS and experienced an accident. More.

NBAA’s Safety Committee Redefining VLJ “Mentor Pilot,” Pursuing New Initiatives
October 6, 2008
Now that very light jets (VLJs) have been in service for some time, NBAA’s Safety Committee, which met Saturday in conjunction with NBAA2008, has decided that it is time to revisit Section 3.5.1 of the NBAA Training Guidelines for Single-Pilot Operations of Very Light Jets and Technically Advanced Aircraft to see how advice for “mentor pilots” can be improved based on operational experience. Using input provided by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and others, the NBAA Safety Committee hopes to produce a rewrite by yearend. More.

Wright B Flyer Debuts at NBAA2008
October 6, 2008
There aren't many structural differences between the newest Wright B Flyer look-a-like and the original aircraft that Orville and Wilbur Wright used to introduce a country to aviation. Wright "B" Flyer Inc., a Dayton, Ohio-based nonprofit dedicated to recreating historic moments in aviation, unveiled the newest flyer today during the NBAA Annual Convention & Meeting (NBAA2008) in Orlando, FL. The "Silver Bird," nicknamed for the metal skeleton, will be on static display inside the Orange County Convention Center for the duration of the Convention. More.

NBAA2008 Opens Today in Orlando
October 6, 2008
The NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008) opens today at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, where 27,247 Attendees have already registered at the start of the three-day show. This week, 1,100 Exhibiting Companies will provide side-by-side comparisons of their products and services, and approximately 140 state-of-the-art business aircraft will be featured at the Static Display of Aircraft on nearby Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). In addition, more than 100 Information Sessions are being held on a wide range of topics of interest to the business aviation community. Today's schedule of events will begin with an Opening General Session at 8:00 a.m., moderated by NBAA President and CEO, and featuring an impressive slate of speakers including Roberto Kobeh González, president of the International Civil Aviation Organization, James Carville and Mary Matalin, veteran political commentators, and Ron Kaplan, executive director of the National Aviation Hall of Fame. Learn more at

Sunday, October 5

Welcome To NBAA’s Online Convention News Bureau From NBAA's Ed Bolen
October 5, 2008
On behalf of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), let me be the first to welcome you to the Online News Bureau for our 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008). As you may know, NBAA represents more than 8,000 of businesses of all sizes, located in cities and communities across the country. These companies have in common the use of “general aviation” airplanes (mostly small airplanes not used by the airlines or military) to help their businesses compete, grow and succeed. More.

NBAA2008 Brings $37.2 Million to Orlando Economy
October 5, 2008
NBAA's 61st Annual Meeting and Convention (NBAA2008) has returned to Orlando this year and with today's challenging economic climate, the Orlando Visitor's Bureau is glad to welcome the Convention back to Orange County. Tourism creates 23 percent of total employment, or approximately 380,000 jobs, in the Orlando tri-country area. More.

Special Editions of NBAA Update to Be Published During NBAA2008
October 5, 2008
Following the traditional Monday release of NBAA Update on the first day of NBAA’s 61st Annual Meeting & Convention, two special editions will be released on Tuesday and Wednesday during NBAA2008 to provide the latest Convention news, as well as information about the Association and sessions taking place on-site in Orlando. NBAA Update, the Association's free weekly e-mail newsletter, reaches more than 19,000 industry professional every week, providing the latest operational, regulatory and legislative news for the business aviation community, as well as information about the Association and upcoming NBAA events. NBAA Members may subscribe to NBAA Update, and other broadcast lists, by visiting My Air Mail at Non-members may subscribe to NBAA Update by visiting

NBAA Announces New NBAA Web Site Launch at NBAA2008
October 5, 2008
In an effort to continue providing the best possible services to Members, and to better represent the breadth and diversity of the business aviation community, NBAA announces the approaching completion of a redesigned NBAA web site at the Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008). The redesigned site, due to launch later this fall, places a high emphasis on ease of use and efficient navigation. "It all comes down to usability," said NBAA’s Jason Wolf, director, internet communications. "Our Members told us the web site is a great resource, but sometimes it could be difficult to find what they were looking for. We’re doing this redesign to dramatically improve the experience of using of the site." More.

Get Connected at NBAA Local Group Resources Networking Session Tomorrow
October 5, 2008
NBAA supports more than 50 regional organizations devoted to business aviation. Local and regional business aviation groups serve the local interests of their members, and give the business aviation industry a voice before elected officeholders in every state and congressional district in the country. Maintaining business aviation’s position in the aviation industry, as well as the nation’s larger transportation system, is key to the growth of business aviation and the communities it serves, and local groups are paramount to these efforts. This session, which will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in room S320AB, offers Attendees the opportunity to meet and network with various regional representatives, and learn the value of their local and regional aviation associations. To learn more, view the NBAA2008 program at To find out about more about NBAA’s regional resources, visit

Meet NBAA's Membership Team and Staff at Tomorrow's NBAA Member Discussion
October 5, 2008
At tomorrow's NBAA Member Discussion at 10:30 a.m. in room S320H, Attendees of the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention can meet the Association's Membership team and have the opportunity to get their questions answered by NBAA staff. The not-to-miss meeting will include an update on the extensive Member benefits offered by the Association, including the award-winning Member-only newsletter, Business Aviation Insider, which just this year increased its circulation from quarterly to bimonthly; the newly launched online tool "My NBAA Profile" that helps Members keep their information and preferences up-to-date; the Association's highly anticipated new event, the Light Business Airplane Exhibition & Conference, to be held next year in San Diego from March 12 to 14, and much more. View the full NBAA2008 program.

NBAA 12th Annual Chairman's Charity Classic Raises Over $30,000 for NBAA Charities
October 5, 2008
NBAA's 12th Annual Chairman's Charity Classic Golf Tournament yesterday raised more than $30,000 for NBAA Charities, a charitable fund established to provide assistance from the Association and the business aviation community to entities using business aircraft for humanitarian efforts, including Angel Flight America, the Corporate Angel Network, ORBIS and Veterans AirLift Command. A total of 220 golfers played in this year's tournament, held at ChamptionsGate Golf Club near Orlando, in conjunction with NBAA2008. NBAA Chairman of the Board Jeffrey W. Lee, the event host, gave remarks during the awards luncheon following the tournament, which was generously supported by nearly 20 sponsors. To learn more about NBAA Charities, visit

NBAA Playground Build Brings Aviation-Themed Playground to Orlando Apartment Complex
October 5, 2008
In conjunction with the NBAA 61st Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2008), the Association yesterday once again joined with KaBOOM!, a non-profit group that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America, as well as with Orlando-based BBA/Signature Flight Services for this year’s project. The aviation-themed playground was completed in eight hours, with the help of nearly 300 volunteers from the business aviation and local communities. This year’s Park Build marks the second year of what has become an annual project, following last year’s build near Fulton County Airport-Brown Field (FTY) in Atlanta, GA. More.

Ascend in Business Aviation with NBAA’s Professional Development Program
October 5, 2008
Now in its tenth year, NBAA’s Professional Development Program (PDP) is proud to announce that over 7,000 courses have been completed to-date by professionals in the business aviation industry seeking to advance their careers. With 16 approved course providers and over 50 course offerings, the PDP is fulfilling its promise of offering quality education and career advancement opportunities for the business aviation community. More.

Pre-Convention Postings:

Register Online in Advance for NBAA2008 to Save Time and Money
NBAA is pleased to offer the convenience of online registration for NBAA2008. Online registration is the recommended means of registration and will remain active for the duration of the Convention. Attendees can save time and money by registering online in advance. The advance registration fee for NBAA2008 is $150 for Members and $250 for non-Members, while on-site registration fees are $200 for Members and $300 for non-Members. Some seminars at NBAA2008 require separate payments, and Attendees can also register for these through the NBAA2008 online registration process. Register Online.

NBAA2008 to Feature Sessions for Every Segment of Industry
NBAA's 61st Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando will offer a host of Information Sessions for business aviation professionals in every segment of the industry, including the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, very light jets, the future of aviation maintenance, environmental issues impacting business aviation, operational control for Part 91 and Part 135, emergency response planning and much more. In addition, several Professional Development Program Workshops will be offered in conjunction with NBAA2008. Review the full program.

González to Give Keynote Address at NBAA2008 Opening General Session
As in years past, NBAA2008 will feature an Opening General Session (OGS) that includes leaders from industry and government. International Civil Aviation Organization President Roberto Kobeh González, recognized for his life-long contributions to civil aviation in Central America, will give the keynote address on Monday, October 6 at 8:30 a.m. The OGS additionally will feature the well-known political couple James Carville and Mary Matalin, who will offer their perspectives on the November presidential election, marking the duo's second appearance at an NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention. Learn more at:

NBAA Announces Recipients of 2008 Flying Safety Awards
NBAA has announced the recipients of the Association's 2008 Flying Safety Awards. Three NBAA Member Companies will receive the 50 Year Safe Flying Achievement Award, which recognizes NBAA Members who have flown 50 years or more without an accident, and five NBAA Member Companies will receive the prestigious 60 Year Safe Flying Achievement Award, recognizing 60 years or more of flight without an accident. These awards support the exceptional achievement of NBAA Member Companies in maintaining safe flying operations. Recipients will be formally recognized during the Awards Luncheon at NBAA's 61st Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando, FL. View the press release.

NBAA Announces UAA Janice K. Barden Aviation Scholarship Recipients
NBAA congratulates the recipients of the 2008 University Aviation Association Janice K. Barden Aviation Scholarship, which grants $1,000 to each of five students seeking to develop careers in the business aviation industry. This year's recipients are Robert O. Bennett of Middle Tennessee State University, Angelica Maleskis and Farrin Whitney Maalia Souza of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Shannon Roth of Southern Illinois University and Rory Thiel Wilson of University of North Dakota. The scholarship is named for Janice K. Barden, founder of Aviation Personnel International, who has served many times as the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention Local Committee chair. View the press release.

Limited Seats Still Available for NBAA Charities Gala
Tickets are nearly sold out for this year's NBAA Charities Gala, featuring live entertainment by The Blues Brothers, and the Association's 4th Annual Live and Silent Auctions. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Corporate Angel Network, which organizes the use of business aircraft to provide cancer patients with free flights to treatment centers. The Charities Gala will be held Tuesday, October 7, from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at the Rosen Centre Hotel. For more information or to donate an item for NBAA's Live and Silent Auctions, contact NBAA's Dina Green at Reserve your tickets now.

Local Businesses Lend Support for NBAA Playground Build 2008; Volunteers Still Needed
NBAA, BBA Aviation/Signature Flight Support and KaBOOM!, a national non-profit group, will join with Orlando residents and NBAA Member Companies to build a new aviation-themed playground in conjunction with NBAA2008. The playground will be built in one day, and nearly 300 volunteers will be needed to make the initiative a success. Participants will be helping to make the community brighter for neighborhood children by giving them a safe place to play. Many local businesses are lending their support but volunteers are still needed. Buses will transport volunteers between the Orange County Convention Center and the build site. More information.

NBAA2008 Attendees Can Use NBAA Connect to Navigate Convention
NBAA reminds NBAA2008 Attendees to take advantage of NBAA Connect, a resource that helps Attendees to identify and connect with the people, products and sessions that best address their individual needs and interests. NBAA Connect automatically finds everything at the Convention that matches the objectives of individual Attendees, and is a tool to navigate over 1,100 exhibits, over 100 Information Sessions and more than one million square feet of floor space. Those already registered for NBAA2008 can access NBAA Connect and generate personalized schedules and floor plans for each day of the Convention. Learn More.