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Eight Mayors Proclaim Value of General Aviation, Including Business Aviation

April 18, 2014

Another eight mayors from around the country have expressed their support for general aviation (GA), including business aviation, as well as community airports and the positive impact they have on local communities. The latest mayoral proclamations declaring the industry’s value, made public in the last few months, come from Brookings, OR; Claremont, NH; Crosby, ND; Keene, NH; Klamath Falls, OR; Marana, AZ; Meadville, PA and Minot, ND.

Brookings, OR Mayor Ron Hedenskog emphasized the value of the 97 public-use GA airports in the state, as well as the more than 400 aviation-related businesses in 78 cities throughout his state. Review the Brookings proclamation. (PDF)

Mayor James Neilsen IV, of Claremont, NH, said in his proclamation, “The city of Claremont proclaims general aviation a vital strategic resource to the state of New Hampshire.” Despite New Hampshire’s small geographic size, it has 24 publicly owned airports serving more than 3,800 pilots and 2,055 GA aircraft. Review the Claremont proclamation. (PDF)

Crosby, ND Mayor Les Bakken took the opportunity in his Aviation Week proclamation to identify local aviation interests benefiting the citizens of his city, including the region’s aerial applicator and air ambulance operator. Review the Crosby proclamation. (PDF)

Mayor Kendall Layne, of Keene, NH, wrote of the importance of general aviation for emergency response, and noted that his state is home to 11 aviation charter companies, 23 aviation repair stations and 17 fixed-base operators. “Many communities in New Hampshire depend heavily on general aviation and community airports for the continued flow of commerce, tourists and visitors to our state,” he said. Review the Keene proclamation. (PDF)

In Klamath Falls, OR, Mayor Todd Kellstrom noted that Oregon airports are responsible for more than 12,000 family wage jobs and more than $2 billion in economic impact to the state. Review the Klamath Falls proclamation. (PDF)

Marana, AZ Mayor Ed Honea said that GA and community airports are “an essential force that provides revenue, jobs and opportunity to the state’s economy” and supports 6,890 jobs statewide with an economic impact of $609 million. Review the Marana proclamation. (PDF)

Mayor John Christopher Soff, of Meadville, PA, said that GA is “a vital local resource and strategically important member of our community.” He noted the contributions of the state’s 116 public-use airports, including Port Meadville Airport. Review the Meadville proclamation. (PDF)

Minot, ND Mayor Curt Zimbelman reminded citizens of the economic value of GA and business aviation, including the $82.5 million generated by the 147 agricultural operators that spray 3.3 million acres of farmland in the state. Review the Minot proclamation. (PDF)

To date, 49 states, and numerous mayors and local officials, have officially recognized the value of GA, including business aviation, through proclamations incorporating themes established through the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign. Launched in 2009 and jointly sponsored by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, No Plane No Gain educates the public on the importance of business aviation to our country and its communities, companies and citizens.