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Increasing Number of Safety Events Taking Place Across the Country

March 17, 2014

Listen to an NBAA Flight Plan podcast on safety events around the United States.

As the North Texas Business Aviation Association (NTBAA) prepares to host its second annual Safety Show-Down at Addison Airport on April 3, NBAA Southwest Regional Representative and Director of Regional Programs Steve Hadley noted the proliferation of such events across the country.

“There are several safety groups that have sprung up from local and regional business aviation organizations, and you might think they’re in competition, but that’s not the case,” Hadley said. “NTBAA attends the PCAT [Partnership for Corporate Aviation Training] Safety Smackdown in San Antonio. PCAT attends the NTBAA Show-Down.”

Hadley pointed to this sort of growing regional cooperation as a factor in increased safety awareness and practices and said the cooperation between regional groups does not stop there.

“A lot of groups get safety training and organization materials from NBAA and many are starting to share the resources they’ve developed independently,” he said. For instance, he noted that the Georgia Business Aviation Association (GBAA) is sharing its safety forms with a number of groups and events like these have led to safety roundtables all over the country. “It’s a great synergy among the local and regional groups to be successful in their own programs.”

Not only is there increased cooperation at the group level, but at the flight department level as well.

“When everyone comes to the table, they take off their corporate hats,” said NTBAA Vice President Eric Carson. “We have people who represent companies that are in direct competition with each other, yet they all work together to better the safety atmosphere in all shops. It’s a small industry and we’re always working together.” said NTBAA Vice President Eric Carson.

As a participant in the NTBAA Aviation Safety Show-Down and other similar events, Carson said he is energized by what he experiences.

“When I attend these, I walk away like a fire has been lit underneath me. It’s a great opportunity to get re-energized and re-motivated. It’s also a great opportunity to network with other operators. You know, when you sit around the table with your colleagues, some of the best ideas you ever imagined can result,” said Carson.