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Inaugural Regional Leadership Roundtable to Discuss Best Practices

March 27, 2013

NBAA’s first-ever Regional Leadership Roundtable, set for April 11 in Englewood, CO, will enable leaders of several dozen business aviation groups around the country to discuss with their peers and NBAA regional representatives the best ways to nurture and promote such groups.

Leaders of business aviation groups around the country had been asking the NBAA’s six regional reps for this type of networking and educational event. The roundtable is being facilitated by Don Hitch, chair of the NBAA Access Committee’s Local and Regional Groups Subcommittee and Kristi Ivey, NBAA’s Northwest regional representative.

The Englewood event will be the first of its kind for NBAA outside the convention environment, and the day-long format will allow attendees to have the time to delve deeper into issues, Ivey said.

Roundtable attendees will have ample time to talk in depth about key issues, including:

  • Volunteer management – recruiting, recognizing and retaining;
  • Keeping meeting content fresh;
  • Keeping members interested and engaged;
  • Marketing for regional groups and expanding membership;
  • Business aviation advocacy and legislative issues;
  • Scholarships, mentoring and internships;
  • Setting regional group goals and staying on track;

The afternoon agenda will allow attendees to break up into small groups to more closely examine these and other issues.

Colorado Aviation business Association CABA will have its own general meeting prior to the roundtable on April 10 at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center in the Denver suburb of Englewood. Group leaders who want to see how another group operates may sit in on the CABA meeting.

NBAA focuses on collaborating with regional groups to help them succeed, and in turn, promote business aviation within their grassroots networks. For instance, if NBAA is trying to get the word out on an issue, groups around the country can help. In turn, NBAA’s regional program is dedicated to providing the resources these local leaders need to succeed, said Steve Hadley, NBAA regional program director.

“We’re excited to bring this group of leaders together,” Ivey said. “When they start sharing their experiences and best practices, we can always learn something.”

For more information on participating in the Regional Leadership Roundtable, contact Ivey at kivey@nbaa.org.