No Plane No Gain

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Business Leaders on Business Aviation

More Than 30 CEOs Highlight Aircraft Value to Their Companies

Nov. 1, 2016

Updated in November 2016, the Business Leaders on Business Aviation booklet collects the voices of more than 30 successful CEOs from some of the country's most dynamic and widely known companies, affirming how business aircraft add value to their companies.

Download the Business Leaders on Business Aviation publication (3.2 MB PDF).

First launched in 2013, the Business Leaders on Business Aviation initiative includes not only the booklet but also the publication of CEO testimonials to promote the No Plane No Gain message in print ads, digital ads, signage at industry events and other placements.

The booklet opens with an introduction by NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen, stating that "business aircraft is the sign of a well-managed company," followed by quotes from a wide range of featured CEOs, including:

  • Mark J. Bissell, Chairman and CEO, BISSELL Inc.
  • Pamela Nicholson, CEO, Enterprise Holdings
  • Bob Pittman, CEO, iHeartMedia
  • Herb Kohler, Chairman, Kohler Company
  • Troy J. Link, President and CEO, Jack Link’s Protein Snacks
  • Dimitrios Smyrnios, CEO, The Schwan Food Company
  • Warren E. Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.
  • Jeffrey M. Ettinger, Chairman, Hormel Foods Corporation
  • Johnny Morris, Founder, Bass Pro Shops
  • Kurt Listug, Co-Founder and CEO, Taylor Guitars
  • Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO, FedEx Corporation
  • Mark Urdahl, CEO, Red Wing Shoe Company
  • Nick A. Caporella, Chairman and CEO, National Beverage Corp.
  • Peter M. Holt, CEO, HOLT CAT
  • Joe Gorder, CEO and President, Valero Energy Corporation
  • Sheila C. Johnson, CEO, Salamander Hotels & Resorts
  • Bahram Akradi, Chairman and CEO, Life Time Fitness
  • Thomas Klein, Chairman, Klein Tools, Inc.
  • Dierks Bentley, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter
  • David O’Maley, Chairman Emeritus, Ohio National Financial Services
  • Jim Hagedorn, CEO, Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
  • H. Ross Perot, Jr., Perot Investments
  • Dr. Ed Schweitzer, President, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • David MacNeil, Founder and CEO, WeatherTech
  • Rob Holland, CEO, Flagship Food Group
  • William G. Crutchfield, Jr., Founder and CEO, Crutchfield Electronics
  • Paul Marvin, President, Marvin Windows and Doors
  • Brian McCoy, CEO, McCoy's Building Supply
  • Dick Devos, President, Windquest Group
  • Dr. Michael Gregory, Chairman, Apogee Physicians
  • Joe F. Sanderson, Chairman and CEO, Sanderson Farms
  • Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The company leaders featured in the Business Leaders on Business Aviation booklet represent sectors as diverse as telecommunications, finance, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, labor and government. Each of them provides key reasons to use business aviation, including the ability to:

  • Clean up on your competition
  • Reach more places in less time
  • Communicate clearly
  • Turn travel time into work time
  • Grow your company
  • Deliver on your company's potential
  • Get "face to face"
  • Operate from anywhere
  • Realize your company's full potential
  • Connect with your audience
  • Enhance productivity
  • Ensure every step matters
  • Save time
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Help all employees succeed
  • Optimize efficiency and flexibility
  • Be in the right place at the right time
  • Quickly turn ideas into action
  • Keep reaching higher
  • Establish your company’s leadership position
  • Increase flexibility
  • Invest in your company’s future
  • Ensure success companywide
  • Move parts and equipment
  • Expand your menu of travel options
  • Operate from anywhere
  • Bring customers to you
  • Increase mobility
  • Reduce time on the road
  • Access any town, anytime
  • Help employees reach key locations
  • Connect companies and communities alike

No Plane No Gain is jointly sponsored by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association to help policymakers and opinion leaders understand the value of business aviation. Learn more at


Download the Business Leaders on Business Aviation publication (3.2 MB PDF).

Complimentary printed copies are also available upon request via the secure online order form.