Oppose Onerous Aviation User Fees

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New Jersey Aviation Association Asks Obama to Drop User-Fee Proposal

April 7, 2014

The New Jersey Aviation Association (NJAA) has added its voice to the chorus of protests including from NBAA, against the Obama administration’s fiscal year 2015 budget proposal to impose a $100 per-flight fee on aircraft operators.

In his letter to the president, NJAA Chairman Jack McNamara stated, “Commercial and general aviation are vital to the economic well-being of the state of New Jersey. Your continued support for any proposal to implement a per-flight-fee on commercial and general aviation would only serve to undermine the strength of our aviation transportation system and the jobs that rely on this important segment of our state’s economy.”

Arlene Feldman, president of NJAA, said the association “gets involved in any issue that pertains to general aviation.” NJAA is encouraging its members to individually contact the administration as well.

“We want people to understand that it is advantageous to support the business aviation community, not to burden it,” said Feldman.

NBAA Northeast Regional Representative Dean Saucier, who works closely with NJAA on a variety of issues, noted, “Each time there has been a local or national call to action, NJAA has responded in a similar fashion. Much of the credit for New Jersey being an aviation-friendly state goes to NJAA members for their dedication and commitment to general aviation.”

According to Feldman, general aviation brings more than 18,000 jobs to the state, with an estimated annual payroll of at least $624 million, and an annual contribution of about $1.7 billion to the New Jersey economy.

Read NJAA’s full letter to President Obama.