Community Outreach

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Community Outreach

Supporting members in their home communities and at general aviation airports across the country is among NBAA’s primary objectives. NBAA’s group of highly qualified, experienced regional representatives work with community leaders, NBAA members and the larger business aviation community throughout the year on a range of local, state and regional issues. This online resource represents one way that NBAA works to provide support and resources for members at the local level

Checklists to Help You and Your Regional Group Get Started

These NBAA checklists can help you effectively advocate on behalf of issues involving your regional business aviation group, your company flight department or the general aviation airports you use – whether those issues are concerned with safety, noise or legislative actions that could negatively impact our industry.

Three NBAA checklists are available to assist you and your organization in getting started:

  • NBAA Airports Checklist

    NBAA Airports Checklist

    For any issue involving your home airport, or airports you use frequently. GA airports have become an endangered species in many communities. In 1970, there were over 7,000 public-use U.S. landing facilities; today, there are barely 5,000, and the number continues to decline. This checklist will help you champion GA airports. Learn more.

  • NBAA Operations Checklist

    NBAA Operations Checklist

    Noise and safety are almost always at the top of the complaint list when airport neighbors start agitating for change. This checklist will help you address those concerns. Learn more.

  • NBAA Legislation Checklist

    NBAA Legislation Checklist

    Well-intentioned but misguided political initiatives can devastate GA through restrictions on airports or operations, or through new taxes. This checklist will help you counter such efforts. Learn more.

For additional information or help, contact one of the following NBAA staff members:

Alex Gertsen
Director, Airports & Ground Infrastructure
Steve Hadley
Director, Regional Programs
Dick Doubrava
VP, Government Affairs

Christa Lucas
VP, Government Affairs
Dan Hubbard
Senior Vice President, Communications
(202) 783-9360