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NBAA's Doubrava Urges GA Operators to Get Involved in Advocacy

July 15, 2013

NBAA’s Dick Doubrava, director, legislative affairs, was a panelist at the General Aviation (GA) Issues and Security Conference, held July 9 to 11, and hosted by the Chicago Executive Airport. Attendees of the annual event, sponsored in part by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), largely consisted of general aviation airport managers.

Doubrava joined a panel of speakers to discuss general aviation issues, and the importance of business aviation and regional airports to communities around the country. The panelists also discussed the future of the industry, current challenges and methods of attracting new, young talent to general aviation.

Doubrava stressed the importance of reaching out to elected officials to advocate for general aviation, and encouraged the audience to inform them of why general aviation is vital to the nation’s economy.

“General aviation is important to local, state and national economies because it creates jobs throughout Main Street America, and most Americans depends on general aviation for their business and commerce,” said Doubrava.

Doubrava also suggested that attendees contact their representatives in Congress to urge them to join the GA Caucus. He said that having more members in the caucus helps it to strengthen its message in Congress.

“Nothing makes a bigger difference than having a constituent walk up to his or her elected official and talk about why general aviation is important to the economy and local communities,” said Doubrava.

The panel also included representatives from AAAE and co-sponsors Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, National Air Transportation Association and the National Association of State Aviation Officials. Additional co-sponsors of the event include the Aviation Management Consulting Group and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.