Election 2012

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Election 2012: See Where the Candidates Stand on Business Aviation

November 5, 2012

NBAA Flight Plan podcast interview with NBAA’s Lisa Piccione.

Tomorrow is Election Day, and you may have made your choice on who will garner your vote in the race for president, but what about the rest of the ballot?

“It is so important that everyone make their voices heard and that you let people know how important business aviation is, what it means to jobs in the community and what in this economic climate we need to be doing to help this important industry grow and thrive,” pointed out Lisa Piccione, NBAA’s senior vice president for government affairs.

So the Association created a website resource called Election 2012. Even at this late date, Piccione said, it is a vital resource to business aviation professionals who want to make informed decisions at the polls Tuesday.

Election 2012 offers Members a four-step process by which they can identify candidates, find out where they stand on issues vital to business aviation, reach out to candidates and vote.

It offers information on which governors have issued proclamations honoring aviation in their states (46 have issued such proclamations to date). It also links Members to a list of senators and representatives who belong to the Congressional General Aviation Caucus.

“It has links that can show you where your local polling places are. It has links to the candidates who are running for office. You can get access to the information that will help you make a decision about what’s best for your community and for you,” said Piccione.

Election 2012 also has information that enables NBAA Members to stay in touch with elected officials once they take office. Chief among them is the Contact Congress Resource, a tool Piccione said is vital in the effort to keep general aviation on the minds of lawmakers in the House and Senate.

“A single letter absolutely makes a difference. And when you start to compound that, numbers matter in Washington. So when we see one person send a letter and then they go out and become a missionary for business aviation and get another 10 people to send a letter, you can see where those numbers start to increase. The elected officials and their staffs can’t help but take notice,” explained Piccione, a former staffer on Capitol Hill.

“When you see some opportunity to interact with elected officials, please take advantage of that and make sure that they know how much this industry matters to their constituents.”

For more on the Election 2012 resource, view the NBAA2012 Online News Bureau video “NBAA Web Resources Help Users Speak Out About Value of Business Aviation.”