Say No to ATC Privatization, Yes to Fair and Equal Access

H.R. 2997, the 21st Century AIRR Act seeks to privatize the air traffic control (ATC) system and reduce general aviation access to airports and airspace. In 2017, three independent, non-partisan government entities reviewed H.R. 2997 and raised serious concerns about the proposal. The Congressional Budget Office determined ATC privatization would "increase the deficit by $100 billion," the Congressional Research Service said the legislation is "likely unconstitutional," and the Government Accountability Office found that privatization "may jeopardize modernization efforts." Further, a CNBC poll showed the majority of Americans said privatizing ATC would be a "bad idea." Use the form below to tell your elected officials to say no to H.R. 2997 and yes to fair and equal access for all stakeholders.

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