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NBAA's online Contact Congress resource helps people in business aviation make their voices heard about the policies most important to them. Members of Congress are most attentive to their constituents, who live and work in the states and districts Senators and House Members are charged with representing.

Say No to ATC Privatization, Yes to Fair and Equal Access

H.R. 2997, the 21st Century AIRR Act seeks to privatize the air traffic control system and reduce general aviation access to airports and airspace. Based on every metric, the U.S. has the largest, most diverse, most complex and safest airspace system in the world. All stakeholders have fair and equitable access to our airspace, which is not the case in certain countries with privatized ATC systems. Complete the online form to tell your elected officials to say no to H.R. 2997 and yes to fair and equal access for all stakeholders. You will be able to review and edit this message before it is sent.

Call Your Elected Officials

Call Your Elected Officials:

Use NBAA’s toll-free action line, 833-GA-VOICE, to directly contact your local Congressional office. This number will connect you with your representatives and provide suggested talking points.

Additional ATC Privatization Resources

The Bait and Switch: Air Traffic Control “Reform” and the Business Aviation Community
Proponents of the airline-backed ATC plan on Capitol Hill have created talking points to push their goal to privatize the system. NBAA has taken their statements and labeled them as “myths” and debunked them with the truth.

The Truth about General Aviation “Protections” in H.R. 2997
Supporters of H.R. 2997, which would turn over our nation’s ATC system to a private board, have indicated “protections” are in the legislation for general aviation (GA). In a recent letter, Rep. Sam Graves (R-6-MO) indicated that GA should be satisfied with these protections, however after a careful review NBAA disagrees.

NBAA's Government Affairs Team

For more information and guidance on communication with Congress, please contact NBAA’s Government Affairs staff.