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NBAA's online Contact Congress resource helps people in business aviation make their voices heard about the policies most important to them. Members of Congress are most attentive to their constituents, who live and work in the states and districts Senators and House Members are charged with representing.

Support H.R.636, Oppose H.R. 4441's Plan to Privatize ATC and Fund It With User Fees

H.R.636 is a bipartisan FAA reauthorization bill that advances aviation safety, streamlines certification, advances Unmanned Aircraft Systems integration and accelerates implementation of a Next Generation ("NextGen") aviation system. H.R.4441, the Aviation, Innovation, Reform and Reauthorization bill, includes a dangerous section that seeks to privatize the air traffic control system and fund it with user fees. H.R.636 is the right approach and can give funding predictability and stability to the FAA and our aviation stakeholders. Enter your information below to create a personalized message to Congress asking them to say yes to H.R.636 and no to the section of H.R.4441 that would privatize the air traffic control system and fund it with user fees. You will be able to review and edit this message before it is sent.

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Support H.R.636

Send tweets to your elected officials asking them to support H.R.636, which offers smart, targeted solutions for our aviation system. Tweets will be seen by your elected officials, the media and your own Twitter followers, harnessing the power of social media to amplify your advocacy efforts.

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The following Contact Congress letters are available to allow you to contact your elected officials on other issues.

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