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NBAA's online Contact Congress resource helps people in business aviation make their voices heard about the policies most important to them. Members of Congress are most attentive to their constituents, who live and work in the states and districts Senators and House Members are charged with representing.

Contact Congress Issue Spotlight: Help NBAA Stop ATC Privatization, User Fees

On Feb. 4, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster introduced his FAA reauthorization bill, H.R. 4441. Not surprisingly, the legislation, which is being pushed by the big airlines, calls for the privatization of our nation’s ATC system, and funds the new system through user fees. Under the proposal, the commercial airlines and their pilots would control the greatest number of seats on a new board created to oversee the privatized system. This proposal’s plan to privatize ATC is such a pronounced threat for the future ability of business aviation to fly when and where it needs to.

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The following Contact Congress letters are available to allow you to contact your elected officials on other issues.

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