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Business Aviation Internship Programs

Undergraduate student internships are perhaps the best way to introduce aviation students to careers in business aviation. Through internships, your company's flight department will provide exciting work in business aviation and a rewarding learning experience for young professionals, who are the industry's future. Interns also will gain insight into the demands and tasks of the many roles in the flight department, as well as the important internal and external interactions that make up the team.

By participating in internship programs, students have the opportunity to connect classroom theory with current industry challenges and be exposed to the latest aviation technology and trends. The opportunity to converse and interact with a large pool of experienced and talented flight department members will give students a deeper insight to overall operations. Additionally, interns are given the invaluable chance to see their area of study used in a real environment. This affords them a very special opportunity to evaluate their desire to pursue a career in business aviation.

Employers from a wide variety of industries indicate that graduates with internship experiences are highly attractive potential employees. Employees with internship experience are more professional, and they are often able to contribute more effectively upon entry into the organization.

Internship hosts often comment on the intern’s enthusiasm for the work, which has a positive effect on the entire flight department. The host organization further benefits from the additional manpower provided by the intern.

Company mentors can provide specialized guidance that enhances a student's aviation education and career development. Many companies also view a student's participation in an internship as a means to screen, select and recruit for a future permanent position.

How to Get Started

Want to set up a business aviation internship program at your company? Getting started on this rewarding program is as simple as reviewing the "Flight Department Internships" section of the NBAA Management Guide.

On that web page, you will find a general guide to help you develop your internship program.

Additionally, the following links provide supplemental information about suggested student projects, responsibilities, qualifications, a sample onboarding agenda and a list of frequently asked questions. (Note: NBAA is providing this information as a guide only.)

The school you choose to align your internship program with will also be a great source of information. Internships generally run the length of a semester and are offered concurrently with the school year, but summer internships also can be arranged.

The most important thing is to create a program that is beneficial and rewarding to both student and host. As a reminder, degree programs offered for students interested in an aviation career include aviation management, aeronautical science, aviation human factors, business aviation administration, aviation safety and aviation weather. Additionally, students may be concurrently enrolled in a flight program.

For More Information

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