NBAA Business and Collegiate Aviation Pipeline Program Guide

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Succession planning is a challenge across most industries today, and business aviation is no exception. The NBAA Business and Collegiate Aviation Pipeline Program Guide is an exciting new resource for the aviation community to use in developing the next generation of business aviation leaders.

The NBAA Business and Collegiate Aviation Pipeline Program Guide provides basic guidance on how NBAA Member Companies, regional business aviation associations, collegiate aviation degree programs and governance bodies can work together to provide mentoring and hands-on learning opportunities for aviation students, creating a pipeline of career opportunity that benefits the entire business aviation industry.

After learning foundational concepts in the university classroom, students can bring those ideas to life within the context of an actual business aviation workplace, through internships and mentorships with NBAA Member Companies or other industry organizations. Through regionally based pipeline programs, students can gain the necessary tools to succeed in business aviation careers and become future leaders in the industry.

Download the NBAA Business and Collegiate Aviation Pipeline Program Guide (PDF, 736 KB)

This resource was produced with significant input from the NBAA Corporate Aviation Management Committee (CAMC) Professional Development Subcommittee, and it reflects their combined knowledge and experience when addressing important issues and challenges. Direct questions about this effort to NBAA Corporate Aviation Management Committee liaison Jay Evans at (202) 783-9353 or

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