Aircraft Charter

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Request for Proposals: Aircraft Charter

Use this form to obtain quotes for specific aircraft charter trips

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Part A: Information About Your Trip (to Be Completed by the Charter Customer):

  Departure Date Number of Passengers Departure Time Departure City Arrival City Desired Arrival Time
LEG 1            
LEG 2            
LEG 3            
LEG 4            
LEG 5            
LEG 6            

Catering Requirements:

Customer Preferences/Notes:

Part B: General Questions About the Operator (to Be Completed by Charter Company or Broker):

  1. What is the name that appears on the charter company's air carrier or commercial operating FAA certificate?

  2. What is the charter company's air carrier or commercial operating certificate number?

  3. Which FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO), and which Principal Operations Inspector (POI) oversees your charter certificate?

  4. What, if any, limitations has the FAA placed on the charter operator's operations specifications? (e.g., no international flights, no flights under Instrument Flight Rules)

  5. Which aircraft (make, model and, if available, tail number) will be used for the flight?

  6. Who are the crewmembers that will be conducting the flight and what is their experience level? (e.g., total number of flight hours experience, number of hours in make/model aircraft, recent training provided)

  7. Under what conditions would you substitute crewmembers and what are your policies with regard to using substitute crew?

  8. If you substitute crewmembers, when will I be notified of the change and receive information the crewmembers' experience levels and training?

  9. If you are an air charter broker:
    • Are you receiving compensation from the charter operator to arrange this flight? (If so, please state separately on the invoice your commission.)

    • Are you acting as an agent of the customer? An agent of the air carrier? An agent of both the customer and the air carrier? As an indirect air carrier?

Part C: Aircraft Logistics and Pricing (to Be Completed by Charter Company or Air Charter Broker):

(This information may be provided in the form of a charter quote attached to the Part B responses.)

  1. What is the hourly rate for the aircraft?

  2. What additional costs will/might be charged? What are the costs?
    • Catering?

    • Crew charges?

    • Landing Fees?

    • Overnight Fees?

    • One-way surcharge?

    • Other?

  3. Are discounts provided for block charter? What hour increments are required and what is the discount?

  4. What is your cancellation policy? What, if any, fees are charged?

  5. What are your refund terms if the trip is not conducted as agreed upon?

  6. What is the total estimated price for the trip, inclusive of all taxes and fees?