Aircraft Operating & Ownership Options

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New NBAA Guide Advises Members on Aircraft Operating and Leasing Options

March 3, 2016

The NBAA Regulatory Issues Advisory Group has produced a new Aircraft Operating and Leasing Guide to advise prospective aircraft owners about options available to them.

“NBAA offers these guidelines as an aid to its members who are considering entering into arrangements such as aircraft support-services agreements, dry lease agreements, interchange agreements, joint ownership agreements and time sharing agreements,” the document states.

Other topics covered in the publication include maintenance responsibilities, eligibility checklists and details on specific Part 91 and Part 135 provisions.

According to NBAA Manager, Operations Brian Koester, the Aircraft Operating and Leasing Guide provides a solid starting point for NBAA members interested in exploring ownership options.

“This guide is an invaluable resource for prospective aircraft owners and lessees,” said Koester. “It will assist members in making informed aircraft ownership decisions that help them increase productivity and expand their business opportunities.”

Read NBAA’s Aircraft Operating and Leasing Guide. (PDF)