Aircraft Operating & Ownership Options

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Aircraft Ownership

There are a variety of ways companies can own and operate their aircraft, and NBAA continues to provide to Members the information that will help them ascend to a higher level of productivity and growth.

Advantages of aircraft ownership include flexibility and control over all factors relating to transportation, including safety, security, comfort, timeliness and cost of business travel. This control can be maintained by a company flight department or a management company. Other advantages include tax benefits, such as depreciation.

Further information on aircraft operating and ownership options can be found in the NBAA Aircraft Operating and Leasing Guide, which can be downloaded in PDF file format below.

Obtaining Copies

NBAA Aircraft Operating and Leasing Guide (365 KB, PDF)

Latest News

Bitcoins for Flights: Charter Operators Enter the World of Cryptocurrency
March 15, 2018
Some charter companies looking to keep up with consumer demand are accepting a new method of payment: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the world’s first and highest-valued decentralized digital currency. It is the most recognized example of a cryptocurrency, which are digital assets built from a technology called “blockchain,” a public, unalterable ledger for recording transaction histories. There are numerous reasons why charter companies would cryptocurrencies – 24/7 transaction ability, faster processing times, lower fees – but the most common factor is customer feedback. Read more about cryptocurrency.

Social Networking May Revolutionize Charter Operations
Aug. 31, 2017
The traditional charter model, which relies on managed aircraft being offered for on-demand whole aircraft charter, could be evolving, experts say, and new business models may be the next generation of this important segment of business aviation. Greg Cirillo of HCH Legal, LLC, along with Greg Johnson of OneSky and Jeff Thoben of YouCanJet will discuss "Uncommon Carriers – How Social Networking Will Bring Air Charter to the Masses," at the Sept. 7 NBAA Regional Forum in Morristown, NJ. Learn more about the forum.

Three Ways to Simplify the Process of Acquiring LOAs
Aug. 2, 2017
While listening to membership feedback, representatives of NBAA's Domestic Operations Committee noticed one commonly reported issue: the complex, often challenging process of acquiring Letters of Authorization. In NBAA's new resource, Simplifying Special Authorizations, the committee provides practical advice to make this process easier and more likely to result in an authorization meeting the operator's needs. Learn more about NBAA’s new resource.

New NBAA Resource Offers Guidance on Selling Charter by the Seat
June 22, 2017
In NBAA’s new resource, Guide to Selling Charter By The Seat, members will find information on what operations are permitted under Part 135, the differences between FAA and DOT enforcement policies and specific regulatory considerations for scheduled, on-demand and public charter air transportation. Learn more about the new resource.

Certain Types of Aircraft Financing Becoming More Available, Experts Say
Jan. 12, 2017
For many operators, getting a loan or lease for a business aircraft has been difficult since the 2008 recession, but several new finance providers have recently entered the market. Heading into 2017, aircraft financiers and attorneys who handle aircraft transactions see certain types of credit becoming more available, even as a "new normal" sets in for aircraft values. This will be among the issues discussed at the aircraft financing market at the NBAA 2017 Business Aircraft Finance, Registration & Legal Conference set for March 5-7 in Bonita Springs, FL. Learn more.

Updated NBAA Charter Guide Helps Consumers Avoid Pitfalls, Choose Reputable Operators
Dec. 8, 2016
NBAA has released a new edition of its Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide, with new information designed to help consumers make better-informed decisions when selecting a charter operator. The publication has been revised to provide additional information on topics such as illegal charter through certain dry lease arrangements and chartering through crowdsourcing. "The Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide is one of NBAA's most popular member publications," said Brian Koester, NBAA's manager of operations. "We updated this guide to help prevent customers from falling victim to scam charter arrangements and to provide guidance regarding crowdsourcing." Read more about the guide.

New NBAA Guide Advises Members on Aircraft Operating and Leasing Options
Jan. 21, 2016
The NBAA Regulatory Issues Advisory Group has produced a new Aircraft Operating and Leasing Guide. “This guide is an invaluable resource for prospective aircraft owners and lessees,” NBAA Manager, Operations Brian Koester. “It will assist members in making informed aircraft ownership decisions that help them increase productivity and expand their business opportunities.” Learn more.

Business Aircraft Financing Expert Says Three Areas Will Be Key in 2016
Jan. 21, 2016
Business aircraft financing expert Michael Francis says that three areas – aircraft values, interest rates and bank regulations – will be key to predicting changes to the financing market for business aircraft in 2016. "Aircraft values have been fairly volatile over the past several years, and residuals may not stabilize in 2016," said Francis, vice president of sales (US-East) for CIT Business Aircraft Finance. "A significant challenge for lenders is predicting an aircraft's value to ensure that the loan has sufficient collateral value protection." Francis will delve more deeply into these areas, as well as provide an overview of lending options, during his presentation at the NBAA Regional Forum at Florida's Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) on Jan. 28. Learn more about Francis' market analysis.

Aircraft Financing: Is the Recovery Underway?
Jan. 11, 2016
Since the crash of the market in 2008, aircraft buyers have faced a tighter credit market, and for several years following the Great Recession, analysts reported that most deals were financed with cash. Now, lenders say capital is flowing back into aircraft finance, and the overall U.S. economy is strong, making loans on business assets – including aircraft – attractive investments. But the way capital flows to business aircraft has changed. "We're seeing increased competition in the space," said Ford von Weise, director and head of global aircraft finance for Citi Private Bank. “Lenders who’ve never been in aircraft finance before are entering the market" Read more about the state of aircraft financing in the January/February 2016 issue of Business Aviation Insider.

Special Report: Aircraft Acquisition Planning and Financing
Oct. 12, 2015
One of the attractions of business aviation is the ability to take to the skies on a schedule that meets your company’s needs – be it through charter, fractional ownership, aircraft leasing or outright purchase. Acquiring a business aircraft requires careful analysis and planning to determine which form of ownership best suits your company’s needs, and to ensure the aircraft you purchase offers you the best value. Read a special report that looks at the various leasing and purchase structures available to companies in the September/October 2015 edition of Business Aviation Insider.