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Internships an Effective Tool for Succession Planning, Engaging Future Leaders

Internships an Effective Tool for Succession Planning, Engaging Future Leaders

Business aviation has always been driven by those with the spirit of innovation and a passion for aviation. The future success of our industry depends on the ability of companies to engage those most driven and most passionate as part of a larger ongoing succession plan. The NBAA Internship and Career Guide is a tool that can help lead the way for these future aviation professionals.

Developed by the NBAA Business Aviation Management Committee, this guide provides instruction on how companies, collegiate aviation degree programs, regional business aviation associations and government entities can work together to build a business aviation career program to support the next generation of industry leaders.

Using this guide, companies and universities can collaborate to provide mentoring, resources, and hands-on learning opportunities for aviation students. Such programs can include internships, mentorships, apprenticeships, guest speaking opportunities, general outreach and more.

Successful career programs can provide a foundation to create a clear pathway for students to transition into real-life opportunities, safeguarding our industry’s future. These relationships can lead to well-paying, skilled jobs for students and graduates, as well as economic development for a city, state or region.

The future success of the business aviation industry relies on the ability to engage individuals – especially college students – who are driven to succeed and passionate about the industry. To start setting up an internship and career program, review the NBAA Internship and Career Guide today.

Direct questions about starting an internship program to the NBAA Business Aviation Management Committee at

Download the NBAA Internship and Career Guide (PDF)

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