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Call for Speakers: 2014 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition

NBAA is seeking speakers for education sessions at the Association's 2014 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Orlando, FL.

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Presentation Title *

The title should not exceed 7 words

Session Description *

Provide a description of your session not to exceed 125 words, which summarizes the topic and why it's important for attendees to come to this proposed program.

Learning/Skills Objectives

What are the specific learning/skills objectives for this session?
Example- Attendees will learn how to maximize business aircraft tax planning while complying with the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Intended Audience

Who from the business aviation industry is your primary, intended attendee for this proposed education session?

Session Duration

What is the planned duration of your presentation, including Q&A?

Educational Track

Please select which one educational track best fits your presentation:

Safety & Risk Management
Programs that enhance safety while minimizing risk in all aspects of an aviation operation, from aircraft operations on the ground and in the air through crew scheduling, flight crews, and hangar operations.
Maintenance & Technical Issues
Addresses topics related to aircraft (airframe, engine, avionics, other components) technical maintenance and management of the aviation maintenance function, including aircraft maintenance outsourcing.
Airspace & Airport Access
Discusses issues related to accessing (restrictions and permissions) airports and airspace, including emerging technology that may be required for access.
Aircraft & Flight Operations
All matters related to a mission/trip in a business aircraft, from scheduling best practices to operational and regulatory compliance.
Aviation Management & Aircraft Ownership
Topics related to acquiring an asset through ownership or leasing (e.g., taxes, insurance, regulatory compliance, staffing/personnel) to managing the aviation function, whether via outsourced support (e.g., aircraft management company or charter) or through an in-house flight department.
Career & Leadership Development
Programs designed to attract students to a career in business aviation, sessions that help aviation employees improve upon their skill sets to enhance their performance as aviation professionals, to leadership and management development seminars that provide tools to grow in a business aviation career.
Industry Update
Topics relevant to all business aviation professionals, from government affairs issues through NBAA Committee and Strategic Focus Team activities that address industry-wide challenges and opportunities.
Presenter Information

Please provide information for each presenter/moderator of this session proposal.

Presenter 1 Information

NBAA Letter of Agreement: Volunteer Speaker/Presenter

  1. If NBAA selects this presentation proposal, I/we agree to present at the NBAA event indicated in this Call for Speakers response. My/our presentation will cover information/topics proposed by me/us and agreed to by NBAA.
  2. During my presentation, I/we will not engage in any type of promotional marketing or selling of any product or services.
  3. I/we agree to notify NBAA's Operations Service Group immediately via email ( or telephone (202-783-9250) in the event that an emergency should prevent me/us from meeting my/our obligations as a presenter.
  4. I/we grant to NBAA a royalty-free license to use, reproduce and distribute my presentation (including video and/or audio recording of my/our presentation, all handouts and PowerPoint presentations) in any way in the future, with appropriate attribution to me/us. I/we understand that this license does not change the fact that I/we retain copyright ownership of my/our presentation, and does not prohibit me/us from using my/our presentation in any way or from allowing others to use it.
  5. To the best of my/our knowledge, my/our presentation and handout materials do not violate any proprietary or personal rights of others (including any copyright, trademark and privacy rights), is factually accurate, and contains nothing defamatory or otherwise unlawful. I have the full authority to enter into this agreement and have obtained all necessary permissions or licenses from any individuals or organizations whose material is included or used in my/our presentation and/or handout materials.
  6. I/we authorize NBAA to use my/our name, likeness, photograph, and biographical data in connection with the use and promotion of the program.
  7. I/we provide consent for NBAA to record my/our presentation in audio and/or visual form. I/we understand that NBAA will be the sole copyright owner of the recording and can distribute and sell it, along with any supporting materials.
  8. I/we will be responsible for all travel arrangements and expenses that I/we incur. I/we understand that I/we will not receive any royalties, honoraria, reimbursement of expenses, or other compensation from NBAA in connection with the program or the rights granted above.

* I agree with the terms in NBAA's Letter of Agreement for Volunteer Speakers/Presenters


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