NBAA Cessna 500 Series Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The members of the NBAA Cessna 500 Series Subcommittee will bring the wealth of their experience and that of our fellow NBAA Members to identify significant technical and operations issues. We will strive to develop solutions to these issues and communicate information beneficial to membership and the industry in the interest of safety, reliability, and efficiency.


Mark T. Werner, CBL & Associates (Vice Chairman)

Elias Cotti, CAM, NBAA (Staff Liaison)


NBAA Members may also review the full committee roster.

Information and Resources

NBAA Air Mail: Citation List Archives
Visit this page to review the message archives for the Air Mail list designed to address the concerns of NBAA Members interested in Cessna Citation 500, 600, and 700 series aircraft. For more information on Air Mail, visit

Rockwell Collins
Visit Rockwell Collins' site for information on onboard avionics systems.

Universal Avionics
Customer support information for Universal Avionics' products.

Honeywell Aerospace Services
Visit Honeywell's site for product support and technical information.

Textron Aviation

Pratt & Whitney Canada Customer Support

Cessna 500 Series Subcommittee Meeting Agenda
For copies of the the meeting agenda for the Subcommittee's most recent meetings contact John Szelenyi at Cessna (316) 517-4007.