NBAA Security Council

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Composed of security professionals and representatives from all facets of business aviation, the NBAA Security Council provides the Membership with advice and guidance on matters relating to business aviation security.

The NBAA Security Council was created following September 11, 2001, to maintain and protect airspace and airport access in today’s environment of heightened security, to establish and communicate business aviation security best practices and to ensure the safety and security of business aviation aircraft and passengers. It develops and maintains a security best practices document and maintains the security section of the NBAA Management Guide, a reference designed to assist existing corporate aviation departments with their operational, maintenance and administrative requirements and to provide useful guidance for establishing and operating a flight department.

NBAA works with the Security Council to improve its participation in the government security dialogue and gain government approval of corporate aviation security practices. The Council provides assistance to the Staff, Board of Directors and Membership in the form of in-depth assessments and analyses of its area of purpose based on changing industry conditions and Member expectations.


  • Laura Everington, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. (Chair)
  • Sarah Wolf, CAM, NBAA (Staff Liaison)

NBAA Members may also review the full committee roster.

Information and Resources

NBAA Secure Access Proposal – The Security Council is involved in the development of NBAA's proposed Secure Access program. Announced March 16, 2004, Secure Access is a security protocol equivalent to that of the commercial airlines that would allow security-qualified general aviation aircraft to return to DCA and to operate into TFRs nationwide.

NBAA Security Web Page – The Security Council assists NBAA in ensuring that the latest security resources are posted to this web site.

NBAA Best Practices for Business Aviation Security – Following September 11, 2001, the NBAA Security Council worked to develop a method to document and present to the FAA the best practices for business aviation security, resulting in this document.

Transportation Security Administration Access Certificate (TSAAC) – The Council developed the NBAA Best Practices for Business Aviation Security into a security protocol that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has used in a TSA Access Certificate (TSAAC) proof-of-concept security program. As as an element of NBAA's Secure Access proposal, the TSAAC Program eventually may grant TSAAC holders access to TFRs equivalent to that of scheduled air carriers.