NBAA Safety Committee

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The Safety Committee serves the Membership with strategic guidance and advice on matters relating to the safe operation of aircraft. The Committee provides insight to the Membership and Board of Directors by periodically identifying significant industry risks and serves as a center of expertise on a wide range of relevant business aviation safety matters. The Committee is also responsible for the NBAA Safety Awards Program.

Mission Statement

The NBAA Safety Committee promotes safety as the cornerstone value of business aviation by identifying significant industry risks and serving as a center of expertise on a wide range of safety matters.


David Ryan, MI Aviation Holdings, LLC (Chair)

Tom Huff, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation (Vice Chairman)

Frank Raymond, Vulcan (Secretary)

Marilena Sharpell, Global Aerospace, Inc. (Special Advisor)

Mark E Larsen, CAM, NBAA (Staff Liaison)


NBAA Members may also review the full committee roster.

Information & Resources

NBAA Safety Committee Recommendations -- The NBAA Safety Committee has published a series of safety recommendations in the weekly NBAA Update. Ranging from flight operations to ground handling, these recommendations can be implemented regardless of the size of your department.

Safety Best Practices Manual -- Compiled by the NBAA Safety Committee the Safety Best Practices Manual provides NBAA Member Companies a means of addressing risk within their organizations. The NBAA Safety Committee has identified both flight and ground safety programs that may be necessary to reduce risk in any business aviation organization.

NBAA Flying Safety Awards Program -- The NBAA Flying Safety Awards are testimony to the high degree of professionalism inherent in business aircraft operations and a tribute to the skill and ability of a company’s management, maintenance, pilot and support personnel teams. The NBAA Awards have brought worldwide attention to the business aircraft safety record and have been endorsed and approved by the National Safety Council.

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Summary of Recent Action

  • Administered the NBAA Flying Safety Awards Program
  • Coordinated development of Flight Safety Foundation (FSF)/NBAA 48th Annual Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar, where presented Best Practices for Preventing Aircraft Ground Damage
  • Participated in FSF ramp damage initiative
  • Initiated development of training guidance for FSF Approach and Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR)/ Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) Toolkit
  • Revised the NBAA Safety Best Practices Manual, adding an OSHA compliance checklist
  • Initiated development of training guidance for Ground Damage Prevention Program
  • Initiated development of Safety Mentoring Program
  • Worked on developing Single Pilot Operations Guidelines
  • Hosted Safety Committee Town Meeting at the 55th Annual Meeting & Convention and coordinated IS-BAO Informational Session scheduled for the 56th Annual Meeting & Convention
  • Continued the development of a data-driven safety agenda for business aviation, via membership in the FSF Corporate Flight Operational Quality Assurance Steering Committee and participation in the C-FOQA pilot project
  • Developed proposal recommending Safety Program requirement for NBAA Operating Members
  • Reviewed and revised Appendix E: Company Response to an Aviation Accident contained in the NBAA Management Guide