NBAA Domestic Operations Committee

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Creating opportunities for professionals to connect, share ideas and work together to address challenges is a hallmark of trade associations. Pilots and aviation managers throughout the ranks of business aviation face complexities with a host of operational issues. NBAA's Domestic Operations Committee is the place for business aviation to come together to solve its challenges. Currently, the Domestic Operations Committee is working with NBAA staff on hot issues such as obtaining Letters of Authorization, Part 91 Operational Control, supporting operators with implementing safety management systems, updating NBAA's Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide, and working with FAA on Part 135 and Part 125 operational issues, among others. A continuing high priority for the Domestic Operations Committee will be writing and publishing operational articles to provide ongoing educational resources for all NBAA operating Members.

NBAA is soliciting volunteers for the Domestic Operations Committee. Any NBAA member with passion to be involved is encouraged to apply via the online committee application. As issues arise in the field, the Domestic Operations Committee would like to hear about them, to address systemic problems and operational challenges. Email NBAA's Operations Service Group at with the operational concerns you have.


Leland Blake, Cummins Inc. (Chairman)

Jason Herman, CAM, Raven Career Development (Vice Chairman)

Brian Koester, NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) (Staff Liaison)


NBAA Members may also review the full committee roster.

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Latest News

New NBAA Resource Helps Small Flight Departments Communicate with Management
Feb. 10, 2017
NBAA’s Small Flight Department Subcommittee has released the first in a series of resources offering flight department managers guidance on a variety of issues affecting their operations. The first entry in the series, “Communicating with the Aircraft Principal,” provides strategies for effectively conveying aviation priorities to business owners or senior management. “What [aviation professionals] do every day is incredibly difficult – flying complex aircraft, and training pilots, as well as other members of the flight department,” said primary author Karen Henriques. “But when it comes to communicating with a senior executive, it’s a totally different skill set. You need to have the technical skills to run the flight department, but you also need to be able to communicate with the owner in a way that will keep the department safe and functioning optimally.” Learn more about the new resource series.

How Small Flight Departments Can Meet Today’s Challenges
Nov. 1, 2016
A panel of business aviation experts moderated by David Keys, chief pilot of Peace River Citrus Products, took on the unique challenges facing small flight departments in an education session titled “The Changing Face of Small Flight Departments” held on the first day of NBAA-BACE. Small flight departments – that is, those with two or fewer aircraft – represent approximately 80 percent of NBAA’s membership. Panelists encouraged small flight department pilots and managers to educate aircraft owners and other principals on resources necessary to properly staff a flight department. The speakers emphasized the importance of running a flight department like a business, including collecting data to effectively demonstrate the needs of the flight department. Learn more about the panel discussion.

New NBAA Survey Highlights Issues Faced by Small Flight Departments
Oct. 6, 2016
In its first survey, the NBAA Small Flight Department Subcommittee identified the unique concerns for operators of three or fewer business aircraft. Budgeting is a top issue, as is navigating the relationship with owners and parent companies. Small flight departments also deal with human resource issues and regulatory compliance. Nearly 200 small fleet operators representing 376 aircraft submitted data for the survey. “Our hope is that through the study, and focusing on the results of the study, that we’re going to bring real tools to small flight department operators to help them operate better and safer,” said subcommittee Chair Dave Keys. Read about the survey results.

NBAA’s Small Flight Department Subcommittee Outlines Latest Goals
Sept. 21, 2015
The Small Flight Department Subcommittee of the NBAA Domestic Operations Committee is moving forward with an initiative designed to better support flight operations that have only one or two aircraft and a similar number of employees. Members of approximately 15 small flight departments recently participated in a conference call designed to establish the subcommittee’s new priorities “I hope we can become a conduit between those who need this kind of valuable information and those who have been gathering it for years,” said subcommittee Chair Dave Keys. Learn more about NBAA's Small Flight Department Subcommittee.